Thursday, March 22, 2007

A run at last

Short run yesterday morning - the first in a while. Just under 3 km from my usual parking spot to Anderson st where I stopped for a quick drink of water and a stretch, then back again to the car. Could feel last nights low box squats in my glutes and upper hammies, into the attachment, every time my foot struck the pavement, tight, sore - but much better after the run. Nice hot shower at the office after.

Quiet night at home, Madi went out for a ride while I caught up on TV shows...... Had txt from Leigh and a call from Webby earlier in the day to say Leigh had done well - benched 182.5 RAW - not even wrist wraps!! A few more messages from Leigh throughout the evening which was really sweet. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing him on the weekend and hearing all about the games.

After a very restless night, I arrived at work at 6.30. Half hour massage this morning at 9am (before the pager kicks in from 10am), lower back, glutes and shoulders/neck - felt great after.... much *free-er*. Picked up some Haighs chocolate, yumm. They had samples of broken easter eggs.... after easter they'll be selling the broken eggs, then I'll really need to pick up the running.....

Training - speed bench - band work and then off to Joanne's place. It's takeaway night - not that I'm much into junk food, just a once a week thing for the girls really, and an excuse not to cook. Had a nice piece of grilled fish last week.... mind you I dont like seafood except for the said grilled flake and calamari. Dont know what to have, having eaten scorched almonds all afternoon I'm not all that hungry. Hmmmm What I'd really like... I nice lump of cow''s butt - well done and garlic sauce - what the hell.... no one else in that bed but me. I wonder if garlic will keep the mozzies away like vampires?

Catchya on the morrow.


2P said...

Nice work on the run Vicki.

They (whoever they are) say that chilli is good for keeping the mossies at bay.

Casually Me said...

Was someone chasing you? That is the only conceivable reason for a run, and even then they had better be carrying a gun...and then maybe.