Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday - part 2

Constable T. Bear - Cute huh?

Right.... Where was I?

Got the truck fixed on Thursday morning..... Last weekend an almighty backfire while towing the float blew out the main muffler. I really could do without car problems! Drove the truck to work after having the muffler replaced and in my many attempts to park the damn thing my tight allocated parking space at work, it appears that I have lost a whole lot of power steering fluid.... at least that's what I think it is.... reddish... oily.... and now the steering is making some noise - sigh!

Tonights training..... In the gym by 6pm. Grabbed the skinny bands and setup the bench press. As this is for speed work I dropped the weight back to 50% of my 1 rep max - ie 40kg. 8 sets of 3 rapid reps. Felt much better this week with slightly less weight I was able to get the speed and effect of the bands. Followed this up with the leg press pushes.... Both Daniel and John had a go at it too and realized its not quite as easy as they thought. It really makes push with your whole body. Next week I'll load the leg press with a little weight. Into the boxing room - for some reason the Tbar row lives in there. Put 10kg on and lifted it up and setup for single arm presses - again this is not how the TBar is supposed to be used but and effective way of training shoulders/upper chest. Was chatting to Daniel when he all of a sudden mumbled something and disappeared - out in the main part of the gym was, I think, his wife... none too happy for some reason - I think he may have been in trouble.... for what I have no idea. Looked like they were a having a small barney. I moved on to the floor skull crushers with 30kg, 3 sets of 6 - up in weight from last week then finished off with face pulls 3 sets of 10 at 110lb - tried to keep my upper back as tight as possible.

Mad dash home at 7pm to take Madi to her basketball game in Warrandyte, which is fortunately only a 5min drive from home. Unfortunately tho' they lost 38 - 20 BUT this was only a practice match and it was against a team already graded for a higher division. Tomorrow is the 2nd round of the Metro Show Jumping - This time in Ringwood at Quambee reserve. 3 events all scheduled for the morning. With a little luck we'll be out of there by 1pm. Of course this means an early start tomorrow morning, especially as I need to go out and buy some power steering fluid for the truck (I have no idea where to put it!!) so I really should log off and go to bed soon......

And if its nice on Sunday.... this is what I'll be doing (if I dont get paged for work)

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Casually Me said...

Some of the words you use...I love em. A barney? Glad to see you back at it hard.