Friday, February 09, 2007

Parcel arrived

Whoo-hoo Suit slippers and Groove briefs.

The groove briefs, what can I say, Bridget Jones eat your heart out. These are really going to win the boys over. ROFL. The leg hole opening is only big enough for my arm to fit in, damn sure my legs were bigger than my arms last time I looked. Okay, now you're all saying 'What the....' putting your arm in the leg hole... does this woman know how to put on briefs?
Hmmm gonna need the suit slippers AND a couple of helpers just to get my undies on!!!

Fingers crossed the squat boots will come in later this afternoon.

Pretty average training session last night. In the gym later than I needed to be..... bugger.

Drop squats 12 sets of 2 reps
Reverse Hypers 60kg 3 sets of 6reps
Deadlifts 80kg 3 sets of 4 (quite light - fast reps)

Had to leave it at that.... Madi was out riding and I was meant to pick her up at the paddock at 7.15pm....

Feeding time at the zoo....

Last nights dinner - take away. Piece of grilled fish
9.30pm coffee
11pm - Bed finally 15mins reading, 2 haighs truffles.......mmmmmmm

Up at the sparrows fart again - really tired, bit slow moving and left home late at 5:50am. At the Tan for my run at 6.15 Added an extra interval to the run today, which saw me run all the way back to Government House drive and then it was a slight decline trot back to the car. Thought it was about time to put a bit of extra effort in.... 4km's on the dot 31 mins. Pace average for the first 3 intervals was 6.40, slowed even more on the last 2 intervals..... All things considered, not too bad a run. 5min run /1 min walk. Cant really push myself any harder with the Masters comp looming. Will get out again next Tuesday and Friday.... after that nothing for the week leading into the comp - except Monday, I'll do some light squats and I think Shaz wants to get in an final bench session. So in that last week it will be just stretching, massage and watching telly.

Feeding continued....

7.00am 1/cup rolled oats, dried fruit, almonds, 2 eggwhites, sprinkle raw sugar. Coffee
8.30am coffee
9.30am apple muffin & coffee
12:30 Chicken Pasta (down St Kilda for out regular Friday lunch)
3pm Banana & Peach & coffee

(YAY - 3pm - turn off the pager!!!)

Tonight, Although its speed bench, I'll be doing some heavy deadlifting, work up to a 3 rep max and I'll see how I go doing this with my squat suit on. At least now I have the suit slippers to get it on with. Not sure if I'll try the groove briefs tonight.... maybe over the weekend if I get a chance - just to try them on.

DARC Navigation ride tomorrow, It'll take a little over an hour to get to the Stonehouse, so we should arrive nicely in time for lunch just after 12pm. Looking forward to it....

Catch you all after the weekend

Vicki xxx

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Casually Me said...

"Hmmm gonna need the suit slippers AND a couple of helpers just to get my undies on!!!"

Volunteering, you know anything to help a fellow lifter, lol.