Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another PB bites the dust

For 2P's sake I am going to explain to y'all that RAW does not mean 'neked', that when I bench without a shirt I am not topless! and that I do powerlifting not jelly wrestling. hehehehehehe.... hmmmmm?

After some late afternoon stressful phone calls to Ovidio, reception and AussiePost my squat boots were delivered just before I left the office. I'll post a pic of them tomorrow.

Squatted with Webby and the guys again. The boots made me feel much more stable. Worked up to 100kg and then suited up. James very kindly offered to wrap my knees - nice to be waited on - LOL.... Until he started to wrap them - soooo tight, ow ow ow. Quickly try to get under the bar before I lost feeling in my legs, squat and rack! Get the wraps off! Ohhh the rush of blood back to my legs. Then he left and I had to wrap myself again..... Webby suggested wrapping from below the knee and working up - I have always start above the knee.... so gave this a try and wrapped tight as I could myself. This time I managed a PB and unofficially broke the open state record for my weight class of 125kg held by my very own bench coach Shaz by squatting 130kg. Nice lift too, struggled... just. but a confident lift, guess I'll be looking at 135 on the day.

An hour of squatting and I was home in time for Desperate Housewives, dinner already cooked - Children are good for something - LOL. Ahhhh Does it get any better!


2P said...

Sorry I tend to take things a little literally :-)

Casually Me said...

Nekkid powerlifting is something I could not watch. Remember Seinfeld, there is good naked, and there is bad naked...lol. Glad to see the PR. Open light...PR on second attempt...third attempt go crazy...seems to be the general rule of thumb.