Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mini update & response to comments

I wrestled the secret of how to embed the map from out of coolrunner Gronk - ahhh.... he gave it up so easily! hehehehe......

Trust me Louise - there was NO self control involved. There was only 4 choc almonds left! :-(
BTW.... I have a little sign on my computer screen.... No coffee No workee... and in my employment contact: No payee No weekend workee..... :-)

Casually me.... Tom, Thanks for the link. I checked out the site - whoo-hoo they have deadlift slippers in PINK! Awesome! LOL I haven't done really low box squats yet.... just on parallel. What are pause squats? They sound painful and I like that. ;-)
Jason squatted with his straps down - I didnt ask why, I should have asked why... so why??? Are you going to set up a new Blog? I miss reading your old one! Impressive stats... I notice your squat is better than your deadlift, I love squatting but my deadlift is so far stronger. I guess I'm a bit panicked about my 1 rep max since I haven't done comp squats for such a long time and I want to know where I'm at and if I've improved.

PS. I like the analogies to running and powerlifting in your previous comment. ROFL. But that's me... Unconventional !!

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Casually Me said...

Pause squats, go to the bottom...and pause it for 5 seconds. Allows for no reflex action, and makes you drive the legs out, not in. Straps down, so you get a little less support. I know when I put mine up, I get between 60-75lbs extra.