Monday, February 19, 2007

The weekend in review

Arrived home and found the Telstra package - Yay ! Broadband internet... of sorts! Left it for now and went to the gym. Good workout, Speed bench. Reverse grip bench press at 50kg. John was there to lift of the bar for each set. Nice and strong. Followed up with floor presses 50lb dumbells, tricep presses and over head pully - really working the lats here - pumped. Finished up with supersetting some bicep curls bar & hammer.

Home early enough to install broadband on the lap top - Madi's basketball game was a late one 8:40 and not too far away in Balwyn. Its works - out of the box!! And its fast!
Well anything is fast compared to dialup. However I am on a 1gig plan at the moment so will have to watch the up & downloads (yeah Telstra count the uploads too!) Still, its way fast and if I really need to I can upgrade to the 3 gig plan - at a cost of course.

Late-ish night by the time I dropped Madi at Fi's house... Home alone... bed, book, sleep....


Edit: Deleted section. Served its purpose in purging some uncomfortable feeings which I don't need reminding of.


Off to the movies with Clay in the afternoon. BABEL - very intense movie, 3 stories inter-related - certainly not a feel good movie. Required some concentration and keeping up with the sub-titles but a very interesting movie just the same.

Arrived home and had to take Madi & Fi out to their friends birthday party - stayed up chatting on msn to kill time and went to pick them up about midnight. Sunday so so hot!! Madi had basketball training early and then her and FiMaroondah festival - My 14yo has a better social life than I do - LOL. Too hot to do anything, lay on the bed with the ceiling fan going and just doze......

Jo Turned up around 5.00 - after I had picked up Madi, and dinner was almost ready by when Leah got home at 6.00. D&M's with Jo about the previous day's visit - She wasn't surprised - thinks he's realized just what he has lost. Trouble in paradise for her too, Steve is having trouble finding a job after completing his engineering degree and is taking his frustration out on Jo. She's given him the 'Shape up or Ship out' message and it seems he's taken it and is putting in the effort not the lose her. Good! Jo's a good person, she deserves to be happy after Martin..... Chrissy and Grant are also fighting.....she walked out on him..... lot of this shit going around. This is what I'm not missing.... this is why I am single! and the fact that I have irreparable damage to my LOVE bone.... I cannot physically fall in love, it's officially broken. The LUST bone, on the other hand, I beleive is intact - its just not pointing at anyone - LOL

No run this morning - blisters still not healed sufficiently. Thanks for that coffee Eat'em! Cant chance them rubbing this close to the comp. Starting the taper.... Squatting tonight prolly just 80kg or so for reps, just to keep the legs and hips moving. Tomorrow light benching - practice technique along with the advice from CasuallyMe (pretty much the same advice that Shaz gives me) A massage on Wednesday, Maybe a walk around the botanic gardens Thursday morning or lunchtime (depending on the state of the blisters....)

Updates may be a little less frequent later in the week as I 'hibernate' in preparation for the comp.

Vicki xxx

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Casually Me said...

You are beautiful, physically fit, intelligent, and have a good sense of humor. OF COURSE he is thinking of what could have been, or what an idiot he was. What do they say about the best revenge, living well or some such trash?

Powerlifters do not use the word pump. I am sorry that is strictly a bodybuilder word. Don't make us kick you out of the club before you get some world records, lol.