Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy New Year! - Take 2


Yes, I'm starting the year again complete with new list of New Years resolutions and this time round - NO drama's and NO getting sick!

Previous New Years resolutions - 2007

* Learn to swim (yep that’s back on the list / still on the list… )
* Keep meeting people.
* Get out there – be social.
* Accept help when its offered (aka – stop being so damn stubborn and independent) that’s gonna be hard!
* Ask for help when its not offered. Whoa… even harder!
* Be more financially responsible. (2006 - the year of spending) Apart from my squat boots – that’s it for 2007!
* Be nice to the support analysts at work…. Be more approachable. (I think this was on my performance review – ouch)

New Years resolutions - 2007

* .......

Okay, lets be realistic - none of the original list was ever going to happen..... especially not the swimming. Alright, try again...

New Years resolutions - 2007

* Be more financially responsible - no choice after losing the Maverick.
* Be nice to the support analysts at work…. (yeah well I want that promotion....)
* Run - minimum twice a week - even in winter!!
* Stretch for 15 mins after every training session (can be done at home before settling into the recliner)

Alarm went off at 5:15 am, contemplated staying in bed and not going for a run, but thats NOT the way to start the New Year. At the Tan 6.05 am. Give this newly modified orthotic a chance to show how good it can be. Set off across to the river 5min run/ 1 minute walk, over Swan street bridge and up towards Morell bridge. More joggers and bikers out this morning and I seemed to be running against the flow - typical... swimming against the tide. Over Morell bridge back to the Tan track and head back towards the car. Ha! Who should I see, or rather she spotted me... One of my physio's (I have team of them - LOL) Naomi - the inflicter of enormous pain massaging my ITB and admirer of my underwear (private joke - sorry). quick 1 min chat and off I set again to the car. All up 25 mins, 3.2k, about a 7min pace average (mucho slowo). Orthotic evaluation: no pain from the big toe, arch cramping and show rubbing on the outer part of the foot near the little toes, like where the laces seam is on the shoe - Brookes Vapour. Wore my Thorlos socks for extra padding as I had noticed the rubbing yesterday while wearing thin Nike socks. Still, the nice thing is no pain fromt he big toe, I'm sure Chris will sort out the other issues.

Vicki xxx


2P said...

Nice hat :-)

Well it is almost Chinese New Year - you can call them your Chinese Resolutions.

Stu said...

Good luck second time around, I hope you keep the toe in line!