Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Max Squat Day

In the gym around 5:30.

Good mornings - bar 20 reps, 30kg/12reps, 40/12, 50/10, 60/4, 70/3, 80/2 (but poor form) put on the belt and 80kg for 3 reps.Could have gone heavier with the belt but that's not the purpose here.
Normal Squats - 60/6 attempted 90 only 4 reps, 2nd attempt at 90kg with wraps, still only 4 reps. Back to 80, 3 sets of 7 reps. Hip very tight - extra stretching between sets.
Stiff leg deadlift - 80kg 6, 8, 8 Fatiguing early :-( and hammy attachment into the glute was very tight and sore.
Barbell rollouts - 9,10,8
Fitball cable crunch - 100lb 3 sets of 10
Dumbbell Windmill - 15lb dumbbell 3 sets of 12 reps.

Left the gym at 7.30pm very stiff and sore - need to book in for a remedial massage. The good mornings and squats took most of the training time. By the time I finished with the barbell rollouts I told Dirk that I felt like that bar had my name on it. "well you're probably the only one making good use of it" he replied.

Slept well but woke at 5am. Ughh 15 mins and the alarm will go off. Had everything ready to go for a run. Rolled over to enjoy the last 15mins snooze and didn't wake until 5:50. Shit! Had set the alarm for 5.15 pm by mistake. Too late to go for a run now..... Got up and headed into work.

Podiatrist appointment at 11.20 - Chris took out my orthotics and padded them up and voila I can walk without pain. Amazing stuff. He's padded the orthotic to angle my toe downwards so that when I walk the toe doesn't need to bend back so far. Doesn't fix the problem, but allows me to walk pain free. Have to try this out for the next and report back to him. If its all good he will make something a little more permanent. I asked Chris about wearing heels..... "Oh stop being such a girl" Gosh, insulted twice this week with the "Girl' comment - LOL He conceded to see what he could do about making something that I could wear - in low heels. There goes my stiletto days! Will head out for a run tomorrow morning before work along the yarra , so long as I don't sleep in that is! Only problem I've noticed so far today is the shoe seems to rub on the other side of my foot now. The run will be the real test.

Shaz spoke to Webby - he's quite ok with me joining in when his group squats. They squat on Monday evenings at Doherty's so I'll have to reschedule my bench session with Shaz for Tuesday around Madi's Basketball training or on Wednesday. Although Tuesday if preferable for Shaz. In any case I'll give Webby a call tonight to sort out what time to be there on Monday.

Night off tonight - yay! TV shows are getting back in swing - Prison Break
tonight!! Grabbed a couple of little Haigh's treats while I was in the city - ahhh I'll run them off tomorrow!

See ya!

Vicki xxx

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