Tuesday, January 30, 2007

NEWSFLASH: Updated Pics on AMG-lite

A treat for the Physique fans, Andy has updated my page on Andy's Muscle Goddesses with some new pics taken over in New Zealand late last year. The site meter is spinning!! LOL. Hope you enjoy them and I'll keep posting regular pics and training progress here as well.

I've got my weight up to 68.5 kg (151 lb) now. So time to reign in the chocolate consumption! No more doing 'lines' at night watching TV - ha ha ha. A little closer to the comp I'll start keeping a food diary here - just to keep me honest?

Benched last night at Doherty's in Brunswick wtih Shaz. Warmed up to 60kg or 70kg raw - I have no idea because part of Shazza's tactics in training me is not to let me know how much I am pushing - so I cant do my head in thinking about it if its more than I think I can do. Anyway, Shirted up and worked on partials again, but this time we DID GO HEAVY. Sets of 4 reps at 100kg (220lb) - This time she did tell me how much was on the bar - as with this big a jump it becomes a safety issue. Decided to go for broke - 110kg (242lb) Only managed two reps. The first rep was good - only about 2 cm (less than 1 inch) off the chest before pressing. Second rep was crap - went up sideways LOL. No chance of a third rep - my whole body was wasted!! Gave me a head rush - couldnt get off the bench, tried to stand up and just dropped back down, felt like I'd popped a blood vessel in my eye - sight was a bit blurry - but nothing as good as that. Recovered for a short while and then went on to do my regular accessory work while Shaz went out to do cardio.

Floor pin press - close grip - 50kg 3 sets of 8 (amazingly hard after heavy benching)
Benchers lying tricep press - 10kg dumbbells - 3 sets of 10
Chest supported row - neutral grip - 60kg 3 sets of 8
Reverse grip bar front raise - 33lb 3 sets of 10
Dumbbell hammer & o/head press - 10kg dumbbells 3 sets 10, 8, 10 (dunno what happened in set 2......)

Shaz is confident that I have the 110kg bench press in me with the shirt. We'll aim for that in the Master comp next month, but in any case the masters is just going to be a bench mark for all my lifts to see what I will be able to do in the state open in March. She also wants me to squat with Webby, actually Shaz would prefer that I have a training partner but this is not something I'm keen on - on a permanent basis that is. I agree tho' I need someone on my max effort days. Hopefully Shaz saw Webby at Doherty's last night after I left. I check with her shortly and if not I'll drop Webby an line and see if I can come and squat with him and his guys a couple of times before the comp.

Well thats about it for today, catch you all again soon.

Vicki xxx

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Casually Me said...

Great pics on AMG. Yes, your site meter will go up, and there will be some better one handed typists soon, lol. Your bench seems to be coming along nicely. I think the gal you have training you is quite good. She knows the tricks. Smart to use the first meet as a tuneup for the bigger one.