Monday, January 01, 2007


Southbank - Melbourne 2007

Saw the new year in with Madi watching the fireworks in the city. Home by 1:30 am. Slept until 10 am (really late for me!)

Spending the first day of the year relaxing. Madi is out riding Mojo for the first time since he pulled up lame at the gymkhana. Spoke to the girls Dad yesterday, he wants to take them a couple of days sooner than planned. 'Home Alone' starts tomorrow night. Madi's having friends over for a movie night and sleepover tonight as she wont see them for the rest of the holidays. No doubt Leah will have friends over too. I'll be banished to my room (if I'm lucky) Just as well I have good book to read. Might even have a glass or two of red.

Tomorrow the training year starts. March suddenly seems so much closer. Competition plan will need to worked out with Dirk soon, around mid month when I return to work we'll sit down and work out the best approach to max lifts on the day. In the meantime I need to deal with getting more calories into my diet (good ones that is) without putting on too much excess fat in order to stay in the under 67.5kg weight class.

My current best lifts in that weight class are:
Squat 125kg (275lb) Benchpress - raw 77.5kg (170.5) Deadlift- raw 140kg (308lb)

Current state records in that weight class are:
Squat 125kg (275lb) Benchpress 110kg (242lb) Deadlift 165kg (363lb)

The squat should not be a problem to take out - I'm looking for 140kg (308lb)

The benchpress, hmmm, now I have a shirt I'll take a shot at 90kg (198lb) - if I can get the damn bar down!! LOL. Need to engage Shazza for some bench shirt coaching.

The deadlift, ohhh this one I think is do-able for the Nationals in August where I am aiming for 170kg (374lb). Short term I'll set 150 (330lb)

Casually_me: I'm looking forward to getting that DVD - should be a great source of inspiration to get thru for that deadlift record in August! I'll let you know when it arrives. Thanks!!!


Vicki xxx

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