Monday, January 08, 2007

Ummm no title...

Stayed up way to late last night reading - Above Suspicion by Lynda LaPlante. After a terrible sleep I woke at 9am, the phone ringing.... insurance claim guy wanting to know stuff about Leah's accident... my head felt like a thick fog.... throat dry and raspy... ughhh. Trundled around the house, had brekky and generally felt miserable....

Drove out to the plant nursery, but had to do a quick retreat... Anthony, the farrier, would be at the paddock in an hour to shoe Mojo. So he's now sporting a fancy new set of New Balance runners... oops sorry Natural Balance shoes... LOL. Will have to test drive them later in the week.

Back to the nursery to get the plants - all good. Finished planting out behind the retaining wall with lavenders and carpet roses, with a white standard rose at one end. Took a pic from near the top of my driveway... if you look close you can just see the blue letter box at the bottom! Booked a hard rubbish collection - so I have until Sunday eve to get all the stuff I want taken away down to the road. Dead TV, dead lawn mover, unused fish tank etc etc.... They'll collect it sometime next week.

Trained ok tonight - ran out of steam pretty early tho. Managed some good squats, even without Daniel and John there to spot me. Up to 90kg without the knee wraps and still managed a 1 rep max at 110 - in spite of not being well. So I'm pretty happy with that. Rack pull were another matter. Loaded up 170kg per last week but had trouble with my grip, and yes this week I used straps!!!! Dirk was well impressed with how much I was lifting. Stiff legged good mornings are hard at the best of times but following heavy rack pulls, they kill !! Dirk laughed as and said 'Be thankful I didn't give you good morning squats..." but somehow I think they would still have been easier on my lower back than stiffed legged ones! Also got the nod from Dirk on my ab pull downs - good technique!

Next week will be the last week in this current cycle, will sit with Dirk mid next week to plan the next cycle. Have a short run in mind for tomorrow morning. Wed is predicted to be pretty hot, Lucky no running or powerlifting scheduled! Heading off to bed shortly (to read a bit more...) Have taken some nighttime cold and flu tabs - hopefully they'll knock me out.

Good night all

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Casually Me said...

If or when you get that video I sent, you will see Big Brad wearing some Rehband knee sleeves. I bought a pair, and today I used them for the first time. No knee wraps, and to tell you the truth I felt better this way. 760 for a double, but of course this is gym lifting and counts for nothing. I was just surprised at the support.