Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First day of training - Wed Jan 3rd 2007

Missed training yesterday. Didn't realize that the gym would be shutting early at 4 pm, so when I arrived at 5:30ish it was well closed!

Mojo has thrown his shoe again, so I went up to the paddock to hand feed him. He's in the holding area since I've had to put 'the boot' back on him.

Leah and Madi went off with their father about 4pm on the long 15 hour drive to Armidale, NSW. I requested frequent txt messages to make sure they were ok - paranoid but for a good reason which I'll not go into right now.

So tonight's training - Max Squat.

Box squats: Same warmups as last week - few more reps on the earlier sets. Much better squatting that last week tho'. Didn't require assistance until 110kg - didn't attempt 115 this week - ended on a good rather failed lift.

Rack pulls: warmed up on 140kg. Loaded the bar to 170kg. This is the weight I want to pull in August at the nationals (5kg heavier than last weeks rack pulls). 2 sets of 8 and 1 set of 6. Was lifting quite well until the 6th rep in the 3rd set... ripped the callous on my right hand - see picture below. Hands were red raw after gripping the bar with that much weight.

Good mornings: 50kg on the bar, same as last week, however with a sore hand it was hard to grip the bar and this affected the no of reps for each of the 3 sets: 10, 7, 10 so I added a 4th set of 10 reps.

Ab pulldowns, spread eagle situps and finished with hypers - all same as last week.

Home and back straight out again to feed Mojo. Nothing on the idiot box tonight so over to the video shop. Movie for tonight - Chaos. Wesley Snipes and Ryan Philippe. Not bad, tho' a little predictable.

Haven't been out for a run since Sunday, again reasons that I am not up to explaining right now. I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow morning. I may get in a slow 3k early, before it gets hot. Have a physio appt on Friday might see if I can tee up a massage afterwards for my calves, glutes, lower back, neck and shoulders... an hour should do.

Pretty sore and tired now not having had much sleep the past 2 nights. Midnight and I'm off to Bed now.
Vicki xxx

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Casually Me said...

With the bad hand, why not use straps? I usually use them when I go saves on my hands, especially on rack pulls as those are heavier than I dead. Normal deads, I never use straps though. is a great website for such things.