Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday - Day of rest....

Or so its supposed to be. Throat wasn't as bad this morning as it has been so I decided to head out for my Sunday run to get the paper. Thought I'd still best take it easy so I set the HRM to 5 minute intervals with 1 minute recovery. Mid point up Reynolds road (aka nasty hill bit) I started walking, apart from anything I was mindful that my toe wasn't going to like the incline. Grabbed the paper and started back down the hill gently still keeping to the 5 min/1min intervals. Pretty happy with the run 5k all up, average pace 6.40 - slowed up a bit on the return run, but that's just my crappy fitness level.... It will improve.

After brekky set out to do some of the chores on my 'to do while on hols'. So much to do kept switching from one thing to another. Started moving things out of the garage - gonna have a big clean out and put stuff out for a hard rubbish collection. Put the plastic pots in behind the retaining wall out back - now just need to get the plants!! Barrowed up the mulch, also to go behind the retaining wall., neatened up the stones. Decided that I'm never gonna hire a jackhammer and since Max has gone to Sydney to see his family I cant borrow his... so I've just put a planter in front of the retaining wall - It'll work , I hope. Tomorrow I'll get some plants and post some pics of the finished product!!! Raked out the remaining mulch down near the garage, swept the driveway (I'll post a pic of the drive too so you can all see why I complain so much about it!) Busy, busy.... I'm absolutely buggered tonight and limping like a cripple - yep the toe is severely swollen... oh well it'll be ok by tomorrow.

Spoke to the girls earlier, seems they are bored already up at their Dad's place.... They're heading off to Coffs Harbour tomorrow for a week at the beach. I'm sure they'll enjoy that.

Big squatting day tomorrow - better get a good nights rest.

Vicki. xxx

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2P said...

Nice work on the run Vicki ;-)