Friday, January 19, 2007

Rain at last......

At least enough to quell the bushfire we hope and dampen this scorched land. Rain offers hope for Firecrews

Shaz finally called late yesterday and we’re gonna catch up early next week for a bench shirt session. Still need to finalize time and place – possibly at Doherty’s in Brunswick. I’m looking forward to getting my gear on and training. I haven’t had the squat suit on since last August. Yep. That’s Westside style for you.

Still battling the end of this virus, but getting much better sleep at least. Tonight I have a physio appt at 4pm. Big toe is still giving me grief. :-( I’ll call into Haighs and treat myself to some chocolates. Might be nice to get a video and curl up in the recliner tonight.

This weekend I have the Gill Rolton Riding clinics. Dressage on Saturday and show jumping on Sunday. I might have a go at floating Mojo down to the club by myself, it usually take two of us to get him on the float.

Colleague at work is taking good care of me, his in-laws have a hobby farm and so he’s brought me in some fresh eggs (the chooks are over producing at the moment) So I’m looking forward to yummy bacon and eggs on Sunday morning when I get back from my early run to get the paper. They’re also keeping bees and so he has natural honey – unpasteurized and is very kindly making me peppermint tea with honey ‘cos I’m sick. What a sweetie!

Couple of interesting articles in the paper…. In true Aussie style this homeowner expressed his opinion to his neighbor. Freedom of expression.

And this one also caught my eye – Buried alive under coffee.

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Casually Me said...

That's a long time outside of the squat suit. I know the westside template a bit, and you cannot argue with their success. However, I think squatting raw for that long of a time will increase your raw squat, and your geared squat a little. If that time had been spent in a suit, or at least briefs...then I think it helps the geared lift more, which is how you lift I think. Anyway, great pic...and love following your blog.