Wednesday, January 10, 2007

After a restless night.....

Got up early this morning.... wasnt sleeping all that well anyway. Thick smoke in the air - worse than yesterday. Day off all training today. My body really needs the break.
Went to the hairdresser. Rebecca (Bec) has opened her own salon called Blush. Its in Ringwood East for those of you local enough, she's an excellent hairdresser! Give her a go sometime.

Went shopping at Eastland shopping centre, was looking for a new book finished 'Above Suspicion' last night. Really enjoyed it and tried to drag out the last few pages. Couldnt find anything I liked so treated myself to a new dress instead - try to look a little girlie - LOL. Here are some pics. What do you think? Like it?

Chatted to James on msn the other night - silly boy missed his flight from the UK back to New Zealand. So he's stuck there until God know's when... on standby waiting for a flight!

Catching up with Clay tomorrow - my pseudo date - LOL. He's confirmed that he wont be standing me up! Meeting up at Atomica for coffee and something to eat, later I'll go training and then we'll head off to the movies. Havent decided what to see, will have a look in the paper tomorrow. Clay suggested we see a comedy - given all that's happened I need some laughter!

So, that will give me incentive to get up early tomorrow - and walk to get the paper... Still dont think I want to push it for a run yet. Might leave that to the weekend. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot again 39c (102f).

My brother Mark has found me a 'new' 4wd, a 1989 Nissan Patrol LWB. He'll bring it around one night this week. Its an auto, but will do the job until Madi is closer to getting her Learner's Permit. Then I'll sell it and get a manual like the Mav was. Will have to arrange insurance tomorrow, tempted to put full comp on this one.... even tho' its not an expensive car, I cant afford to chance another total loss!

Well, nothing else to report. Gonna park myself in the recliner and watch a DVD. Something I picked up for the girls, an old one. Drop Dead Gorgeous.... at least its a comedy!

Vicki xxx


Casually Me said...

Great dress. I would make a Tarzan and Jane comment, but I think Jane was wimpy compared to you. I know you could outlift her, hehe.

Louise said...

Mieow! Should turn a few heads. :p

Mars 2 said...

Yeah great blog Vicki. Keep up the great work and training...