Saturday, January 27, 2007

Australia Day - Long weekend

Sorry for the lack of updates.... been a little busy running around. Australia Day long weekend always involves a basketball tournament for the Ringwood Hawks - the team Madi plays for. Two games Friday and three games today with finals on Sunday, which our girls wont be participating in having lost both games Friday, and the first and third game today and drawing for the second game. We've had some 'issues' with coaching and looks now like we have an experience coach - albeit still one of the parents!

Start of the basketball season also means I will have to juggle my training around. The girls train twice a week, Tuesday night and Sunday morning and games are played on Friday night. So I will have to train around Madi's basketball times - somehow.

I've had two training sessions since I last blogged:

Thursday night: Speed bench - I am not a lazy wench Louise!! LOL. (To clarify, I was invited to have a go at Street Orienteering which was being held in my area, but I had to train)

Reverse Grip bench press - 45kg 3 sets of 10 (awkward movement and needed someone to lift off each time)
Dumbbell floor press - 45lb dumbbells 3 sets of 10 (initially needed someone to pass them, then balanced them on my
quads between sets.
Single cable tricep ext. - 50lb 3 sets of 12 (Danny and John joined with this for something different)
Cable bent row pull - 150lb 1 set of 10 and 2 sets of 12 (hard to keep my balance.....)
V-press seated dumbbell - 20lb dumbbells 3 sets of 10
Superset: barbell curls @ 30lb (light) and bar hammer curls @ 15kg, 15/10 15/8 15/7

While we were doing the single tricep extensions, George, the owner of the gym was doing some tricep work using some hanging chains, kneeling on a bench and lowering himself holding the chains and pressing up again using triceps. Danny and John both gave it a go and found it very difficult but were able to get a couple of reps out.... I kept quiet and just went on with my tricep work until challenged by the boys to give it go. With my triceps already spent from doing reverse grip benches, floor presses and cable extn's I knew I had little chance of getting any reps out. However I was given no choice and pushed into doing it.... How incredibly hard!!! 1 rep..... 2 reps.... 3 reps (with assistance) no way I was doing any more. And what did I get??? Teasing!!! 'Oh... you're such a girl!' LOL and I copped if for the rest of the session..... Here I am pulling 150 on the cable for bent over cable pulls and Danny comes out with... ' that girly back now?' Grrrrrr!

Friday morning:
Short run: 25 mins probably about 3 ks - not sure as I found my foot pod battery had died when I got to Mullum Mullum track. Couple of guys pulled up in the car park just before me who were also going for a run and I heard them discussing the Maroondah Damn run - hope they didn't notice I was driving in from the street across from the car park. Hmmm maybe the 'Lazy wench' statement applies here..... he he he...... Anyway, waited in the car, fiddling with the foot pod until they were well and truly gone and then set out - still doing 5/1 intervals.

Really feeling the change in training.... triceps are very very sore... hamstrings still a little tight from Tuesday, but still its all good. Back/lats sore.... I know at least that the exercises are hitting the right spots and I'm getting results....

Girly back - My arse!!

Friday training: Speed squat.

Drop Squat (20 sec rest) Pressing the bar from behind the neck. 12 sets of 2 reps. Couldn't quite get the hang of this so for this week only Dirk suggested I do the drop squats while holding the bar over head and next week add in the press movement.
Reverse Hypers - 40kg 3 sets of 6
Deadlift @ 80% - 80kg 3 sets of 4
Side deadlifts - 40kg 3 sets of 6 (each side)
Saxon Bends - 10lb 3 sets (each side) - 7 6 6 (ouch)

Present time - Saturday evening.... Leah and Madi have gone out to dinner with their Dad before he drives back to Armidale in NSW. I'm about the settle in front of the box again and relax. Will get out for another short run tomorrow morning - Sunday paper run - LOL. Wont be pushing it tho' - just want to take it easy leading up to the comp. Will stick mainly to the 3 k runs (intervals) for now.

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That back comment really got to you, lol. It's not girly, that's for sure.