Friday, January 12, 2007

Blood Diamond

OK - we didn't see a comedy.... but what good movie. Really enjoyed it, lots of action and none too much of the boring romance stuff that always spoils a good action movie, but still managed to tug on the heartstrings a little! Not that I don't like romance..... its good in the right place, but this movie didn't need it.

Had a great afternoon with Clay, coffee at Atomica, late lunch at The Fitz, and topped it off with popcorn and a movie. Girl couldn't be happier!

Still bogged down with this virus tho' and so gave my body another day of rest to try and recuperate. I've probably drawn out my recovery by continuing to train and now I'm paying for it. Likely I'll be well by Monday, ready to go back to work!

Actually I'm kinda looking forward to going back, just to get some routine back again. My sleeping pattern is all messed up, I haven't been eating as frequently. I've just been so disorganized. The only thing I've kept going properly was my westside training. Even my running as fallen victim.... well it was victim to the physio..... But it'll all fall back in place next week. My next training session is Monday, next run - Early (like 6 am) Tuesday morning (when I'll try out a new route around the yarra.) Eating - back to 6 meals a day.

Almost finished all the chores I set out to do. Today went for a long trail ride down to the Warrandyte. Took a couple of pics with my mobile phone.... Mojo got to paddle his feet in the Yarra river. Set out about 9.30am and got back to the paddock about 1:30. It was such a beautiful day, but we're both a little unfit so both came back hot and sweaty! Gave him a wash, which he enjoyed mostly until I tried to wash his face. I don't know who was wetter... me or him! The afternoon was spent clearing and cleaning out the garage. One of the windows was... caked in spiders - the only way to describe it! Not just webs but spiders. Wasted a can of fly spray on them and then later vacuumed them up - made my skin crawl!! Fixed the float floor the other day so now the only things remaining are to seal the 2nd level of the decking (See where Priscilla, my Birman cat, is sitting in the picture) and wash Mojo's winter rugs. That will leave Sunday to do bugger all!! A day of nothingness before I go back to work.

Picked up a DVD for tonight... not much choice in shop.... had to chose between Proof 'some sex scenes' and Miami Vice 'Strong Violence'. I picked Miami Vice... I wonder what that says about me.... LOL
Vicki xxx

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