Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Jan 4th

Had hoped to get up early for a short morning jog. Instead slept until 8am by the time I organised myself, taped up the blister and got out the door it was 9am and already 28c. Just a short 3k, flat, so it didn't bother my toe. At about the 2k mark I started to notice my heart rate climbing, tried to control it with my breathing and by slowing (but not walking). Peaked at 177 and averaged 164 - I think this is probably not so good. Might put a post on the coolrunning website asking about continuing to run while its this high. When I ran on Saturday it peaked at 183. My HR max is supposed to be around 179... but to be honest I'm not sure of the consequences... Anyway happy that I didn't re-blister my arch - so Joe (the physio) will never know....

Couldn't get an appointment at Melbourne Sports Medical Centre for a massage tomorrow after my physio appt so I rang Anne Fearnley who is local and very good also. She works out of the Genesis gym complex and so I had an hour with her. Calves, glutes, lower back, traps and neck. Felt great after except for my calves that were quite stiff afterwards - odd.

Training: Max Bench. In the gym at 5:30 pm

Spoke to Dirk... the chains are 15 kg each. So adding chains to each side is equivalent to adding 30kg at the top of the lift.

Bench press with chains. Same warmup as last week. 1 rep max at 60kg (so lock out 90kg)
Loaded the bar to 80kg (110kg with the chains) and got they guys to help me shirt up. Still couldn't get the bar right onto my chest but a better effort than last week. Gonna take some time to break the shirt in a bit. Still got a good lift out of the hole just needed help to lock out. Made 2 single attempts at this weight.

California press. 3 set of 12 reps - same weight as last week - will increase it next week.

Reverse pushdowns, dumbbell rows, inverse side raises - all same as last week.

Concentration curl. Hmm dropped back to 20kg dumbbell from 25kg as I wasn't happy with the no of reps I recorded last week. Supposed to be 12 reps each set. Curled 15, 12, 12 at the lighter weight.

Out of the gym just before 7pm - still stinking hot outside.

Back home, grab a protein drink to take up the paddock while I feed Mojo. Try to get to bed a little earlier tonight... no running tomorrow - need to straighten my halo for the physio in the afternoon!

Note to self.... must call into Atomica cafe in Brunswick st. before or after physio, treat myself to a latte and pick up some Dark roast coffee beans for home! They roast the best coffee... in Melbourne that is! I have a Rancillio Silvia espresso machine and a lux grinder and have done a professional barista course at Lavazza in Carlton - just for my own indulgence. My other fave coffee bean roaster is in Queensland, Abrisca - Gold, which I get shipped down as a treat every now and then.

Well its way after 11 already. Gonna grab a cold drink and head off to bed and read a little before nodding off.

Goodnight all,

Vicki xxxx

PS. Casually_me, thanks for the link in your comment. I do have some straps that I use from time to time - just last night I was also testing my grip strength. Cheers!


Casually Me said...

My shirt is getting seriously small. I could not get 500lbs to touch the other day, but it's cuz I am gaining some body weight. In a meet I have sprinkled water on my shirt, that loosened it up enough to touch. In training, especially with 65 days left you have 8 shirted days left, if you shirt up once a week and the last week is you have lots of time. I enjoy reading your blog as it motivates my training as well. Thanks.

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