Sunday, January 14, 2007

CAPO calendar 2007

Late notice: Just got word that the CAPO calendar has been published.



Sat 24 February CAPO Masters & Junior State Titles / Novice Competition and Bench Press improvement competition.

Sat 10 March CAPO National Pro Bench Competition.
VENUE: Melbourne (Dallas Brooks Hall)

Sat 28 April CAPO Victorian State Powerlifting Titles.
VENUE: Melbourne.
5th Grade qualifying standards apply. Look at CAPO website for more details.

Sat 4 August TBC CAPO Australian National Powerlifting Titles.
VENUE: Melbourne
2nd Grade qualifying standards apply. Look at CAPO website for more details.

Sat 22 September CAPO Victoria State Novice Bench Press Comp

Sat 10 November RAW Push/Pull Titles and Novice Comp

Sat 8 December National Postal Deadlift Comp

I've highlighted the ones that I'll be entering but what has caught me by surprise is that the first comp of the year, the Masters/Novice is in six weeks!!! Earlier than last year! Looks like this may be due to the National Pro Bench comp being slotted in in March instead. Damn I'm gonna have to get cracking with only 5 training weeks and 1 taper I'll need to book some time with Dirk to plan my approach for the comp and get some serious sessions in with Shaz to get the bench shirt working for me! Its gonna be full on for the next few weeks!

Well, back to work tomorrow, life will gain a little order to it again. Checked the roster before - as expected, I'm on pager for the week! No chance of gently easing back into work!

Still not feeling 100% yet but the cold & flu tabs will see me thru. Didn't go out for a run this morning, still have a bad cough so no point pushing it just yet. Will see how much I've recovered by Tuesday and will have to give serious thought to how much running I'll be able to or shouldn't do in the lead up to the Masters next month.

As promised here's a pic of the truck - Nissan Patrol - parked beside the house now. Put a second coat on the decking this morning, spent the rest of the day pottering around doing not much at all, took in some sun, watched a movie, made some meals to take to work for the next few days (get back into some good eating habits).

Early night tonight after I finish watching a movie - have to be up at 5:45am. That's gonna take a bit of getting used to again!


Vicki xxx

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Casually Me said...

I looked at the website you provided. I see a lot of the guys records, at least masters, are kind of old. In powerlifting that is strange. Is that federation IPF related? Single ply gear only? Drug tested? Just curious as in the rules all I see are rules of the lift, not gear rules. Thanks. Have you watched the video yet? 5 weeks, yes it is coming up fast. I am doing token lifts on Feb 10th, and a real meet in Chicago on March 10th.