Thursday, January 25, 2007

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So where to start since I left off on Tuesday....

Tuesday evening Training:

Good mornings (to max 3 reps) - 20kg/12reps 40/10 50/10 60/6 70/3 75/3 attempted 80 but only 2reps and poor from

Normal squats, belt no knee warps. - 80kg 3 sets of 8reps
Stiff leg deadlift - 70kg 3 sets of 10
Barbell rollouts - 8 6 9 (felt a lot of stress in the lower back)
Fitball cable crunch - 60lb 3 sets of 10

Dumbbell windmill - 12.5 lb dumbbells 3 sets of 10. Seriously un-co doing these so started really light to get the feel on the movement.

Launceston, Tasmania

Arrived around 9.30 am and caught a cab into the city, more like a big country town. Beautiful morning and with a bit of time to kill moseyed on around the mall and found somewhere to sit outside to have a latte, read my book and take in a bit of Vitamin D. Had my feet assessed, printed, measured, prodded and finally tried on some boots. They will have to be made as they didn't have any in stock, the orthotic will be built into the shoe according to the requirements of my odd feet! Hopefully they will send them across in the next couple of weeks prior to the Masters so I can train in them a couple of time first.

Bone spur.

Yep -thats the diagnosis from Dr Ben Baressi, my sports doc. He arranged an for an xray and we could immediately see the bone spur. Well at least it's treatable! Ben has referred me to Mark Blackney, a surgeon for a consult to discuss having the spur removed.
Warning: Gross surgery pics - Hallux Rigidus. Just rang and made the appointment - would you believe I can't get in until August 13th. On the positive side at least its after the Nationals!!!! Ben's also referred me back to Chris, the podiatrist to see what can be done in the mean time by way of taping / splinting the toe or some other orthotic adjustment. So I have come full circle.... Chris referred me to Joe, Joe referred me to Ben and now back to Chris.... I think I'm getting dizzy. LOL

No run this morning, although I had everything ready and set the alarm for 5.20.... Hammies and glutes wayyyyy to sore to consider running, so reset the alarm and slept until 6am. Maybe tomorrow - just a short one along Mullum Mullum track to Reynolds Rd and back if my legs are a little looser.

My girls have arrived back home - I haven't seen them yet and already they have both buggered off! Leah is out tonight with friends that haven't seen her since the accident and as they are taking her out, she is staying over at Fannies place. Madi off to Fiona's - it's Fi's birthday today so she also is staying overnight. Welcome back girls.... Oh well, one more night alone.... at least they've bought back plenty of new dvd's, so movie night for me!

Vicki xxx

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Louise said...

or you could come running! lazy wench... :p