Thursday, January 18, 2007

“And I ran, I ran so far away.”

"I just ran, I ran all night and day. "

OK that’s not quite true.... but I did get out bed at 5.20am and head into the city for a very slow 25 min jog. Intervals of 5 min run / 1 min walk. 3k all up - along the river, across Morrell Bridge, back along the river, cross over at swan street bridge and back to the car where I subsequently coughed up a lung, but hey, I’ve got another one! Showered, dressed and scoffing breakfast at my desk by 7.30am and ready for a nap.

No training last night, of course, Wed is my night off. Did however manage to do some glute stretches on the couch at home while watching the tennis.

5.30 appt with Dirk. Sorted out my training for the next 4 weeks, yes only 4 weeks of training before the comp. We’ll make a couple of changes 2 weeks out when I’ll start training in my suit and shirt. Dirk has added some interesting core exercises like dumbbell windmills, Saxon bends, fitball cable crunch... ok that’s a boring one. Other new exercises for me - pin presses, drop squat (where as you squat you press the bar above your head!), side deadlifts; and the return of some tried and true.... Heavy good mornings, normal squats, normal deadlifts, stiff deadlifts, reverse hypers, barbell rollouts.... Today I’ll put it all into a spreadsheet so I know what I’m doing at each session and I’ll post the details from each training session.

Booked tickets to fly over to Launceston, Tasmania next Wednesday. Used my remaining frequent flyer points. Arriving at 9.25am and have made an appointment with the people at OVIDIO to have my feet and shoes assessed at 11:30am. They’ve asked that I bring a couple of pairs of shoes for them to see the current wear patterns etc.Ovidio will then make a boot with a full orthotic built in and being an ankle boot they will give me extra stability around the ankle when I'm squatting. . Because these are medical grade boots and I’m having personal assessment I’ll be able to claim the costs of both the appointment and the boots on my health insurance! Bonus! Flying back that afternoon at 2.55pm. Will have a little time to kill over there, hopefully they’re not too far out of the main part of Launceston so I can check out the shops!

Right-o. Time to eat- again. Heading down to the Gateway to grab a muffin before pager duty kicks in.


Johnny Dark said...

Cool cap Vicki. ;-)

Casually Me said...

You are scaring me with the cardio, lol. You do not get a lot of time in your gear, 4 weeks out and you are just jumping into it. I know that is a westside thing, and you cannot argue with their success.

Casually Me said...

Written in 1976 by Philip Alan "Red" Swaim (1937 - 2004)

Oh God of strength
Oh God so strong
I have marched through the trenches
So hard and so long
And now the main battle
Is drawing near
It is the biggest meet
Of the year
And in the squat
Where the big iron rides high
Let me go low enough
For the judge's eye
And on the bench press
Let me be strong and tight
So the judges will find
All three alright
And on the deadlift
When my belt is tight
Let me pull
With all my might
No plaining or hitching
Until the end

In Jesus name I pray,