Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nearly missed training...

Damn these holiday hours..... got to the gym at 2:15 pm with less than an hour of opening time left. Usually Saturdays it's open until 4pm- and I don't usually train on Saturdays. Speed bench today.

Neutral dumbbell press. Dropped back to 30lb as I really need to get the 20 reps out - which I didn't manage last week. 3 sets of 20 - only one minute rest.

JM press. 30kg 3 sets 8 reps

Lying tricep extension. 20lb dumbbells 3 sets of 10 reps

Neutral front raise. 20lb dumbbells 3 sets of 10

Wide seated rows. 110 lb (increased from last week) 3 sets 9 reps, 10 reps 9 reps

Missed doing hammer curls as the gym was closing. Oh well, still not feeling that great anyway. Besides they way my triceps are growing, I only want to maintain my bicep size or I wont get my arms into the bench shirt. ROFL.

Other than training I haven't done much today. Read my horoscope.... Here are the highlights - and my interpretations/comments.... have a laugh....

As long as you can avoid complicating your life unnecessarily around Feb 28 and June 26, things will be easier by the end of August. Skip late Feb and June for important decisions or discussions, as the end of October will be easier and guarantee you good PR.

Single Sagittarians. If you start a relationship between April 12 and June 21, or August 7 and September 28, you will need to face tricky questions about your appearance, image, reputation, name and face ( what the ???) Being in a partnership then will trigger some hard 'me,me,me' issues, so be prepared to reach a creative compromise with yourself. For total agreement between heart and head, make decisions around April 17 and June 15, when the new moon will help you make the right choices. (decisions about what ??) Skip Nov 25 for dating or texting your ex. (like that's gonna happen... we'll made a note of that one in my organizer...!!)

Judging by all that - think it might be safer just to avoid getting into any relationship at all this year.... note to self.... no dating for 2007!

Use the period around Jan 7 and 19 to organize your finances for the year. (well derrr... with having to replace the 4wd - I really have to plan a budget this year!) Allow for delays or errors around tax time (bugger!!) but do capitalize on your biggest wealth cycle for 12 years, which begins on December 19 and ends in January 2009. (whooo-hoo that sounds good.... damn its at the end of the year... hmmm shall I buy more Oracle shares or what??)

Between March 18 and April 11, a flexible woman or adaptable man will some forward to help you with medical, dental, surgical or lifestyle concerns. (yay I'm gonna meet a sugar daddy.... or I'm gonna have one of those amazing makeovers.... new teeth, tits and toosh... LMAO) For the best outcome , skip the period around the full moon on may 2, but do your homework or make appointments a few days later. The new moon on may 17 should help you make decisions for your mind, body and spirit - in a way that serves all at the same time. Reduce the emotional temperature when making health decisions between June 25 and Aug 6. (Is something gonna happen to me during that time??)

WOW - sounds like it will be a busy year with so many decisions to make (about what I have no idea) and so many dates to avoid this or that, or do this...... Will have to update my organizer with all these dates.... LOL. And no dating or txting on Nov 25 - think I might even take the day off work and stay home.....


Vicki xxx

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