Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Off to the Doctor.

It is ridiculous to be so sick when you're on holidays! Didn't go for a run this morning, took three attempts just to get out out of bed. Thought I might feel better after I had some brekky, but still not up for even a little run. Made an appointment with the doctor.... Seems that I have picked up some virus possibly let myself get a little run down, stress, hard training and trying to get in some runs... something had to give. All I can do is dope myself up with cold&flu tabs. At least I have a certificate to claim back 3 days of annual leave and use my oodles of sick leave that I have accrued.

Lazy day, not too hot but a heavy cover of smoke from the bush fires. Took time to lay out on the deck and work on my tan. Later in the afternoon I started taking 'junk' down to the road for the hard rubbish collection - already have more space in the garage.

Trained at 5:15, tho' I gave serious thought to not going. Still managed to bench 60kg plus chains, attempted 62.5 but needed assistance to get it up. Didn't bother with the shirt, neither Daniel or John were there to help put it on and really I just wasn't up for it anyway. Pretty mediocre training session.

Back to the hot weather tomorrow - expecting around 36c (97f). Have made an appointment to get my hair cut and colored. My regular hairdresser opened her own business before Christmas... So this 'll be my first visit to her new salon.

Just checked my work email... good thing I did... I'd forgotten that I'd booked myself and Mojo for a dressage and showjumping clinic on Jan 20 and 21.... Also an email from reception to say a parcel has arrived for me. I'm guessing its the DVD from Casually-me - ohhh so exciting!! I've arranged for my colleague to go an pick it up since I wont be in the office until next week. I'm interested in seeing those Rehband knee sleeves. I get some terrible bruises behind my knees if I don't tie off in the right spot!

Vicki xxx

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