Thursday, February 22, 2007

I feel good, I knew that I would......

The Bath

Ok - a few bubbles....

Well maybe more than a few.....

Weight this morning 67.5 kg. Nice! The hot bath would have dehydrated me a little and only having a latte last light has helped the weight come down. Might be good to do this again Friday night before Madi's game - another late one at 8.40pm. If there's any grief sat morning with my weight I can always go for a quick sauna at the local pool.

More nice latte art!

Calves are sore from the massage, right hip and itb too.... and my left delt (sore to touch). Chris made some more adjustments to my shoe to yesterday after my massage, removed some of the unnecessary padding and has inserted a 'lump'! Feels like a boulder in the shoe, so I am wearing my running shoes at work today and tomorrow to see how it is - so far my big toe is not suffering, but the 'lump' is very uncomfortable. I have to call him with my assessment of the 'lump' tomorrow afternoon, however I think the real test will be next week when I start running again.

Since I have my shoes on I'll go for a wander at lunchtime.... either around the tan or into the city.

Leah has her first 'real' job interview this morning with Vic Police - a temp job for 3 months - clerical. She wants to go back to uni next semester. Would be good experience for her if she gets it. Fingers crossed. Good luck sweetie!

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