Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Where’ve I been???

Well I’ve been laid up – SICK. So unlike me, I don’t get sick, I’m always so healthy!

This all started last Tuesday, when I work up with a slight sore throat but didn’t think much of it. Tuesday night hardly slept but still went to work on Wednesday. Trained that night at Genesis as a guest of one of Titania’s musclefemme members. We trained together, biceps and some back work, although I was feeling a little under the weather, still a good session. Always a bit strange training in an unfamiliar gym….

Thursday, totally floored, stayed home, throat so sore, couldn’t swallow anything, fever, aching all over….. No training!!! Same on Friday, no work -- no training! Saturday, with the help of cold and flu caps I started to feel a little better and even got out in the garden and planted the azaleas and fairly lights that I’d bought the week before. The weeping cherry arrived on Thursday, so I planted that one also and mulched the garden beds. (Check out my progress pics) I think I over did it tho, that night back to square one feeling like crap again. Sunday forecast was for some wild weather, wind and rain. My brother, Mark, had dropped off his car the night before so that I could take the float out again. Headed out at 10 am with Madi guiding me back to the float to hook it up. Got it in one go!! Champions!! Off we set to my brother’s place, really getting the hang of towing now. Mark installed the new taillights on the float but still couldn’t get the right indicator to work, it was blowing a gale and the rain looked ready to set in when finally we noticed a junction under the float and this is where the wire was loose. Got it all sorted just before the rain set in. Drove back up to the paddock and Madi fetched Mojo. Usually Mojo can be a bit difficult to get on a float, so we showed him that we had some yummy ‘show torque’ in the feed bucket, which is a grain mix with molasses – looks so good we could eat it ourselves – actually Madi and I tried it… its not as nice as it looks, but Mojo loves it! So when he saw that Madi was walking onto the float with a bucket of show torque, he went straight on!! Drove around for a good half hour, wow, really notice the difference with a 600kg+ horse onboard. The Float was pushing the car down the hills and pulling it back trying to get up the hills. Very careful going around the corners knowing that Mojo was trying to keep his balance in the back and when we pulled up at the lights he moved around a bit, to get himself balanced, well the whole car moved. So I’m ready for the big road trip on Thursday.

Back in the office this week, on a Windows training course and next week when I return I’ll be on another training course RAC on Windows…. Fun! Doped to the eyeballs with cold and flu tabs trying to get thru this. Somehow I think my plans to run in the fun run on October 8 may have gone out the window…. We’ll see how I am after I get back from Flinders!

Love Vicki



jim s said...

Hope you feel better. A cold can knock you off your feet. I enjoy reading about your weekly events, as you write very well. GET BACK IN THAT GYM SOON! You've got to maintain that sensational physique.

jim s said...

Hope you feel better. Enjoyed reading about your week; always interesting reading your writting style.