Thursday, October 05, 2006

Feeling better at last

Thanks Jim for your comments, I am feeling better now, although still have an anoying cough every now and then. This cold certainly took its toll on me, training only once in two weeks. but back into hard training again now..

Camp was laods of fun. Hitched up the float around 12 noon. Up at the paddock Madi put on Mojo's new float boots while I fiddles with the tails lights again which were not working properly - with no success :-( Thankfully we didnt need to trun right anywhere ont he trip, well, wiotht he exception of turing into the camp grounds, but at least there was no one behind us then. The trip to Golden Valleys was not withous incident, Mojo stomped and pawed at the floor of the float, ripping up the flooring and got himself into quite a state. We pulled over and Madi removed his boots and we continued on our way with a somewhat happier horse!

The kids on camp went on plenty of trail rides and early morning beach rides while us adults downed plenty of wine and cheated our way thru games of trivial pursuit in the evenings. I even managed a couple of rides, a trail ride thru some bush tracks and a ride back from the pub where we all had lunch. A far less stressful trip home on sunday, Mojo without his boots and with a hay net in the float to keep him occupied. Madi slept most of the way home!

Back into the gym on Monday night with my "approved" westside program - Dirk only mad a couple of changes to the no of reps for some of the supplementary excercises, but otherwise it was all good. Started with Max squat session - that is training for a max squat - so first up was wide stance good mornings working up to a 3 rep max which was 70kg. Then the supplementary exercises: Pull thru's (pulling a cable thru the lgs from a 45degree bent position to upright) 3 sets of 12, single leg squats 3x12 again. Abs: rope pulldowns and weighted decline situps and then finshed off with weighted hypers - 3 sets of 20. My hammies were sore the next day!

Tuesday night was Max bench, started off with floor presses using a bar working up to a one rep max which I managed to get to 72.5kg. This is followed by tricep work, dumbbell skullcrushers and reverse pushdowns, then side raises for shoulders and finshed up with a bit of bicep work, hammer curls and forearm curls.

Wed night off to recover and tonight (thurs) back in for some Speed squat - hammering out box squats at 60% of my 1 rep max for 12 set of 2 reps - dropping fast onto the box and powering back up again with speed. followed by more hamstring work and ab work. Tomorrow night - Speed bench. again at 60% of my 1 rep max and working up to doing 8 sets of 3 reps - fast. The reps to be completed in under 2 seconds - in one breath and with good form. Followed up with more tricep work, dumbell floor press and close grip bench. Then some back work - barbell rows and front raises for shoulders.

With this program I keep to these routine for the next 3 weeks and then change the excercises, selecting from a specific set for the main exercise and a different set for the supplementals.... I'm keen to see how much more I can lift in the coming months by training with this technique.

Well have to get back to class now - still on the RAC on Windows internal training here at work..... Catch you all soon.

Vicki xxx

PS. Will add some photo's soon.

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