Friday, October 20, 2006


Chris, the vet from Warrandyte North Veterinary Clinic came out Monday night to have a look at Mojo’s injury. Pretty nasty cut, which will bruise and be quite sore for the next few days. Luckily Mojo already had his tetanus shot back in April when he cut his back leg in the paddock. However a couple of injections are still needed, Penicillin and Anti-inflammatory. The first injection, the needle separated from the syringe and blood came pouring out all over the apprentice vet Laura….. Then we had to get some Potties White Ointment to put on the wound twice daily and some Bute (another anti-inflammatory) to put in his feed each night for the next 4 days. Total cost…. $189.00. Ouch - expensive trail ride….. Hopefully Mojo will be in fine form for the Silver Jubilee show jumping comp at the weekend, Chris thinks he’ll be fine – its all about getting that plaque to put on the back of the float! LOL. It’ll be good for intimidating the competitors at future events! Hahahaha.

After all that drama, went to the gym and trained – heavy legs day. Good mornings now up to a max of 75kg. Love these heavy workouts. Now 75kg may not sound like a lot, but try putting that across your shoulders and bending forward so you are parallel with the floor and coming back up - repeat 3 times! All the lifts for the accessory work have also gone up in weight - feeling pretty good about this training – but finding myself losing some flexibility. My solution…. Yoga. Reg comes in to our workplace every Tuesday and Friday and takes a yoga class at lunchtime – Perfect. So I went along to the class, not quite the stretches that I wanted but still beneficial – only problem was I fell asleep during the final meditation. LOL

Wednesday booked in for a remedial massage. Asked Kelly to massage my right forearm where I’ve been having some trouble with the elbow lately. Yee-ouch ended up with some nasty bruising and swelling. I guess the anti-inflammatory that I’m on, thin the blood and make me more susceptible to bleeding more – thus more bruising. Could not even bear to have anything touch my arm. Madi’s not well again –throat is very sore, so off to the Doctors. Bad case of Tonsillitis – which have become septic. Very shabby looking, badly scared and full of pus (eeeeowww). So we come away with a prescription for some antibiotics and a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. Looks like Madi may have to have her tonsils removed. Well, with any luck it will cure her snoring too!!!!

Thursday – bought myself a new gadget… a Bluetooth headset. Much easier for those calls in the car, no more wires! Has a really neat USB charger that has a bendable cable…. But is it just me or does it look like a giant black sperm?

Training Thursday night – speed bench. Dirk must not have been busy or had a cancellation ‘cos he spent quite a bit of time watching me do my box squats and correcting how I was doing them and discussing the principals of westside. Lowered the weight - Dirk emphasized that on speed days its not about the weight that ‘s being pushed, but the speed at which the rep is performed’. Dropped the box squat back from 60kg to 40kg (40% of my raw 1 rep max) and Dirk was much happier with the speed of both the drop and power up. This is to develop the ‘elastic band’ effect will help to power up out of the bottom of the squat when its heavy. Also booked in a time next week to work out the next steps in my program – especially leading up to the comp and in particular since I haven’t done any ‘real’ bench pressing or deadlifting. Hmmm that reminds me - must make some time to see Shaz to work on bench technique too before the comp. So much to do and so little spare time.

Swapping cars tonight with my brother and then training – speed bench. Madi has her first Spring season comp for basketball – late game at 9:40. Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Love Vicki xxx

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