Monday, October 16, 2006

hectic yet uneventful

The last week has been hectic yet uneventful – does that make sense? It was a busy week at work - being on call, but not much else has happened.

Continued with my westside program, increased all the weights – at least by a little bit, particularly on my max effort days. A little encouragement - even when I didn’t want it, was in hindsight, a good thing. Pushed me thru a couple of barriers and I think the coming week will be better for it.

Birthday party on Friday night for one of Shazza's friends, didnt stay late, not really my kinda crowd and I'll leave it at that.

Went riding on Saturday morning, wanting a little practice before the show jumping comp coming up on the 21st. The instructor for the jumping class has totally different approach to jumping to that which I have been taught so I struggled with what he wanted and Mojo was getting confused, as a result Mojo kept refusing to jump and eventually I came off in front of the jump. Not hurt, but my confidence shattered, I got back on and rode him the way I know how and we got over the jumps… Not feeling too good about the upcoming comp… 18 riders in my level, I’ll probably be 18th - or disqualified if we have two refusals.

Madi has decided that she’d like to play another season of representatvie basketball with the Hawks, so off we went to tryouts on Sunday morning. Most likely she’ll be in the bottom team again because of our 'lack of commitment' to training, unfortunately it clashes with Pony club on every 2nd and 4th Sunday. Hopefully they’ll have some extra training practice during the week that she can attend. This will mean juggling my training around to accommodate the extra training and games on Friday nights, but that’s just what we have to do.

The rest of Sunday was spent logged on to the computer as I was oncall for work and was frequently paged.

Beautiful day here and so I went out for a jog/walk - need to ease back into running. Heavy leg night tonight and think I'll join the lunchtime yoga class at work to stretch out - as a recovery fromthe leg training. Must book a maasage for wednesday and then Thursday hope to get out for another run before training legs again that night (speed work)

Great (not), just got a call from Leah, she was out riding Mojo - for the first time in about a year – and he’s had an accident and cut his leg… she came off too but is ok. So I’d better wrap this up ‘cos I need to get up to the paddock, the vet is on the way to check out Mojo’s cut leg.

Vicki xxx

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