Monday, October 09, 2006

ANB - Bodybuilding show

Went out to a bodybuilding show at the weekend. # guys from the gym where I train were competing so I went along to support them. Not a very big line up, but a pretty hard one. Pulled out my camera to take some pics only to discover that Madi has ‘borrowed’ the batteries….. Grrrr. Only 4 girls in the figue line up - one was a masters competitior and was probably the best on stage. Two fitness competiors… hmmm ok… not sure about that category and then 2 physique girls, 1 under 52 and 1 over. A little small for my liking, very lean but not much size over what you have to hold yourself together – if you get what I mean. I like to see some thickness in the muscle…. I could only stay for the pre-judging, so I'm yet to find out how our guys went, but they all looked pretty awesome!

Anyway I was sitting there watching the show and then this voice behind me says… “Is that The Vicki O’Brien” ?? Who should be being me but Vicki, the gym manager that runs Spartan’s gym where I used to train years ago when I was competing in bodybuilding. We got to talking,she asked what I was doing now, so I told her about the Powerlifing etc… and she told me about the bodybuilding comps she’s been running. Check out the website: A great comp!! Vicki asked if I’d be interested in judging some of the comps, so of course I’m happy to help out, having judged a couple of times for IFBB back when I was competing. So Vicki is looking for ex competitors to do the judging, having had the whole experience to give some extra perspective as well. Also she’s looking to have another female judge available – suits me to a tee. This should be fun and I’m happy to be on the ‘other’ side for a bit. Her comps looks like great quality show’s – you never know I might even make my come back at one of these shows in a couple of years – once I have this powerlifting thing licked!! LOL

That’s it for now.

Vicki xxxx

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jim s said...

Interesting weekend. Comments about the batteries caused a big chuckle from me. As a parent, those things seem to happen, a lot.
Look forward to your next blog, makes for interesting weekly reading.
Need info from the Land Down Under, and it's people.
You're a VERY beautiful source.