Friday, September 01, 2006

Semi finals

Well it’s Friday again. Basketball - another late game and another do or die match. Will we still be in the finals after tonight?

Tuesday night worked on my bench technique and speed 8 sets of 3 fast reps on 65kg. Probably this is a little heavy for trying to achieve speed. So I’ll need to review this a little more. Ived booked myself a training sesison with Dirk - who knows all about westside training techniques, for next Monday evening. I want to use this session to put together a program from allthe theory that I have learned about westside. I’m really looking forward to this session.

Chiro Wedneday after work – so no training this time – just went home and relaxed.

Dentist again on Thursday morning so I worked from home for the rest of the day. Last nights training was 5 sets of goodmornings (after a few warmups) quite heavy and only 3-4 reps per set.

Since I the basketball game is so late I’ll be able to train before the match – and will do some tricep work – specifically for the bench. Bench press comp in just two weeks - coming up fast.

Not much else on this weekend, might try to catch up with some friends and perhaps take the float for a drive - without Mojo - just as a practice run... :-)

Have a good one....

Vicki xxx

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