Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Slack weekend

Hawks lost on Friday night but they’re still in for a challenge to 3rd place. One more game to play this Sunday. Then the season is finally over for the year. Madi can retire injured… Bad fall in the 2nd half of the game, came down heavy on her right elbow, bruised and swollen, we’ll keep any eye on it over the next week – there is a small possiblity that she may have chipped the bone.

No training over the weekend - spent most of my time catching up on all the things around the house that I’ve neglected for the past few weeks… you know minor things like cleaning…lol Went to the movies on Saturday night – You, Me and Dupree. Ok I guess, but if you havent seen it, my advice is wait until it comes out on video.

Unexpected houseguest over the weekend. Leah’s boyfriend Dean, was keeping a very special container of curdled milk in his bedroom in preparation for muck up day at the end of the school year… well it exploded in his bedroom didn’t it. All over the new carpet and over his bed. Apparently the room stunk! So while his room aired out… we had a guest!

Had Jo over Sunday night for dinner and afterwards coffee, homemade passionfruit yoyo’s (yes I was very domestic for a change) a gossip and OUCH waxing. Lucky for me Jo being a Beautician. I get special treatment being waxed at home - still just as painful - but at least it can be tempered with a glass of wine... Actually she’s looking for a career change and so also studying nursing – same a Leah. They can share homework notes!

Back in the gym last night for my session with Dirk. Spent the hour discussing the various aspects of Westide technique and how to create and use a template for the 3-week training cycles. Very interesting and informative, however I was sent off with homework to do! HOMEWORK! I have to put together in an excell spreadsheet, a four day program for myself, using what I have learned, which I have to present to Dirk for approval and them implement for the next 3 weeks. Since I have the benchpress comp in just 2 weeks I wont start the new program until after the comp. This will give me a bit of time to fine tune it. Next time Dirk will show me a few more different exercises that can be used in the program since it has to be changed every 3 weeks. Quick workout after… just some heavy good mornings, single leg squats and some ab work

Shaz is off to South Africa on Spectember 16. The same day as my comp - - so I wont have her there for support. Off on an exciting 10 day trip, checking out diamonds for the import business her and Chris Duffy have set up. Bit of a fact-finding mission… what an interesting place to go. Having a bit of a get together at her place on Sunday, although some juggling will be required… I also promised to have lunch at my sisters this Sunday as I didn’t get to see Dad on father’s day last weekend. He and Maureen went down to the beach house. Plus there’s the Hawks match on Sunday too which we don’t know what time it will be until later in the week.

Managed to get out for a run today in the early afternoon. I’m progressing well, can now get part theway up Anderson st hill before I need to walk (heart rate at this point being about 177 – just a bit high !!) Definitely need to get out more than once a week - hard this week tho’ carrying the P1 pager for work. I’m confident of making the 7.5k fun run. Fortunately I have the support of a couple of running friends that have offered to do some training runs with me over the next few weeks. I wonder sometimes if I take on too much. I mean, well really, at what point do you know its too much? I’m enjoying it all at the moment so I keep plowing on.

Busy week ahead, training tonight, chiro tomorrow followed by dinner with a new friend (one of Shazza’s clients), Thursday training bench with Shaz, gotta get this technique right for the comp. Friday training on my own, Saturday DARC (horse riding) and Sunday – well I’ve already explained about my dillema for Sunday! Somewhere this weekd I’d like to schedule in a massage… What was I saying about taking on too much? LOL


Vicki xxx


Pierreb said...

Hi Muscle Beauty !

Great blog, I'm really fan !
Do you change your adress mail ?

You french friend

jim s said...

Quite a weekend! Fancinating blog, from a FACINATING WOMAN!!
What about that marriage proposal I e mailed you?

Jim S