Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cardio o' cardio

Have been making a regular appearance at Genesis during lunch and cardio'ing away. Dont think I could ever get motivated to train there tho'. Doesnt quite have the atmosphere - but great for the cardio. Oodles of machines - treadmills, steppers, bike etc.

I had hoped they would have yoga classes. I really enjoyed them when 'what's her name' used to come in and take classes twice a week (if I remember her name....) Anyway they have a couple of pilates classes but only one at a time that suites me and I'm not into the spin or bodypump thing. I'm sure its good - they have a reasonable size class from what I saw - just not for me tho'.

Squatted last night at D's. Still working on depth and slowly increasing the weight. There is no point adding a load of weight to the bar if I'm going to squat shallow so I have to be patient. As Leigh says, its about longevity and so I'm taking my time to build a better foundation for the future.

Not that the future is looking that great for CAPO with no comps in Vic this year and the National committee stepping down. Rumour has it that some dill is trying to sue after injuring themselves at a comp a few years back. I dont think anyone wants to take on an official role in light of being legally responsible.... so I hear anyway.

Tonight = benching. Close grip seems to be working and the stretching and rehab stuff is kicking in. Last week I was able to flat press 55lb dumbells for 8 reps - was not a problem with the weight but previously even the 25lb dumbell would make my shoulder scream - like a nerve being pinched or something and causing weakness down the tricep. Will have a go at the 60lb dumbells tonight my bench work.


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