Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another day

Tuesday night squat session, not quite as planned. Maybe its the colder weather but my hip as sore as its ever been. Struggled thru just 4 sets of 3 at 90kg. Lockouts were not so bad, pin height 24, so still only a fairly small movement bringing the hips forward. Then finished with some bottom partials in the smith machine.

Benched last night, worked up to a 3 rep max with my inzer shirt - just to see what it was like. No dumbell presses this time.
Tricep press down 120lb x10 x5
Dumbell press across chest 25lb x8 x4
Rope Face pulls 80lb x 10 x4
Lying pulldown 80,90, 100 & 120lb x8

Then home and traded a 'hair dyeing' for a foot massage with Madii. Which uncovered a lump under my foot - which now after being prodded is quite sore!

Joined up to Genesis for 6 months after negotiating a deal - Oracle corp price and some gifts, and extra week on my trial membership and delayed my start date until I return from leave in July. Then I will have an 'assessment' and they will devise some cardio plan, I assume, to help me lose the 5 kg for October's Nationals. That's the plan anyway.

Louise, if you're reading this, I'll email you my opinion on Genesis shortly, now that I've been there for a few weeks!

Had A chiro appointment today with Andrea Bisaz, who I saw last year when my hip first started playing up... He's moved to 1 Queens rd in Melbourne, really handy, just around the corner from work! so walked over there this morning and he adjusted my shoulder - his diagnosis also irritated shoulder capsule - shoulder not sitting in the socket correctly, so between his adjustments, physio exercises and massage I hopefully will get this problem sorted out.

That's it - night off training tonight. Deadlifts tomorrow. Should finally be able to finish reading Underbelly:The Gangland War.

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