Monday, June 23, 2008

Winter Solstice

Yay - the shortest day has passed. Roll on longer days!

Worked from home today - one of the perks of being in IT I guess. After the farrier came last week and removed Mojo's shoe he was confined to the 'Jenny Craig' paddock and so he's had to be hand fed and Madii and I put a poultice on his hoof. Today Anthony came back and put the shoe back on - hoof abcess hopefully dealt with.

Friday night did a killer hamstring workout.

Good mornings up to 60kg for 8 reps x 4 sets,
Speed deadlifts with 80kg and the green jump ban.
Hypers with a 20kg plate 8 x 4 sets,
Deep leg press up to 170kg 8x4 then
back to 100kg for 4 more sets of pause/push reps.

All ok 'cos I'm not back under the squat bar until tomorrow night. My hammies are still tight tho!

Into my last week at Genesis and I've been getting txt messages, snail mail offers and phone calls. One of the personal trainers there, Madi (Madelaine) is doing her best to make me a good offer to take up a membership there. So far I've not lost any weight from the cardio but I think taking the time to stretch when I'm there is certainly having some benefits. And lets face it, its the only chance I get to do stretching, honestly, when I get home after training, shower, make dinner etc the last thing I want to do is stretching.... i just want to unwind from the day have a latte and veg out watching some inane television programme.

No training tonight, R&R before the big squat session tomorrow night at Doherty's

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