Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NOT a morning person

Long weekend spoiled by being oncall - and getting called out all day...
Thankfully pager finished on Sunday night at 8pm - an hour over due to getting paged 3 times fifteen minutes before the end of my shift.

No sleep in Monday tho'. Leigh wanted me to squat early, so instead of our usual 7pm session I was up at 6.30am and in the gym by 8.30am. Training in adverse conditions or some such... yawn. He did take it easy on me - sort of.

5x5 @70kg
3x2 @ 90kg
lockouts 165kg pin height 25 5x3
hack squat partials continuous to failure 4 sets

Post workout Latte in Brunswick st - needed that!

Legs sore by the evening - must have been the hack squats

Cardio today on the stepper at Genesis - late didn't get there until after 2pm. Tonight Bench press - close grip 62.5 5x5 is the plan.

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