Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lets get started then....

Out on the weekend, party time..... had a absolute ball at Shazza & Kathy's combined birthday party at the Market night club. So many powerlifters and bodybuilers in one place - you'd almost think there were was a comp. Went along with my party gal friend Christine - we had a couple of pre-party drinks at my place... The theme for the party was black, fetish, feathers n fluff - which made for some very intersting outfits and a bit of traffic stopping getting from the car park to the night club! Shaz (who is my PowerLifting coach) and Kathy were both dressed in pink and looked absolutely gorgeous. Chrissy was able to organize a cute male stripper, at very short notice, to flaunt it all for the birthday girls - what a honey! Nice to see a few familar faces, since I've been out of the Bodybuilding scene for a little while, building on some new friendships and a little flirting!
Home at 4 am - not too bad considering..... and up again at 7:30am for Madi's horse riding event at pony club - ohhhhh.....

Next comp August 5th - 9 weeks out.... Trained last night - Monday is usually bench night, so got in to the gym about 5:30 and warmed up.... 7 set / 7 reps 65kg. My PB is 70kg for 1 rep, so this is starting to get tough - but I just have to step up and get tough too! Needed a spot for just the last couple of reps in the last 2 sets. Not always easy, I train on my own and pretty much keep to myself in the gym... dont want any distractions - this is serious stuff. But... I did have one young guy there that I've spoken to a few times and he was happy spot me. So we got chatting a little between the sets and he told me that I had changed his opinion on women with muscle - he actually thought it looked good! Always thought muscle girls were butch and unfeminine. So compliment in hand and proud to have turned someone on to muscly women being sexy! LOL

Off to do some rear delt work 150 on the pulleys 6 set of 10 with restricted movement - keeping the scapulas pulled in close. over to the dumbells then for some more chest work - 4 sets flat, 4 sets incline maxed at 65lb per dumbell..... really pumped! Finished off the evening with a short and sharp shoulder workout , just a few set of of machine millitary press followed by side raises, by which time I'm pretty out of it and only lifting the 25lb dbells for about 8 reps each set. WOW its 7.30.... where does the time go? Off home...... dinner and then time to relax.... Monday nights... Desperate Housewives 8.40... do not disturb!


daan_slipknot said...

Hey vicky, beauty.

Nice blog, I shall read it every now and then.
I didn't understand anything, cause my english is not so good. But most things I did understand.
For example you are a partyanimal :P and have been training very hard.
You already told me you had a nice time on there. But woman you look damn sexy in that outfit!
I also saw the guy at the gym does know how sexy females have to look;)
-x- Daan

Rimmer said...

Goddam! Looks great, reads great.
You look smokin' in that photo!
Wish I got invited to that party -got any more pics to share?