Friday, June 30, 2006


Benched last night under Shazza'a watchful eye.

Hand was a little sore - felt more like bruising and I guess it didnt really like having a 65kg bar sitting in it. Worked hard on technique again, not likely that I'm going to make big gains before the comp in August, but that's ok - more important at this stage to establish good benching technique. Its harder than it looks. Arched back, bum on the bench, shoulders down and locked in place for the whole movement. Any way, my squat and deldlifts are coming along nicely!

Loads of sets but low reps and these were 'sets of singles' - what I mean by this is that each rep is brought down to the chest and help until the signal is given to press the bar up. So in practice it is what is done at the comp.

When I got home later in the evening, my daughter Leah, who is a Uni student studying nursing insisted that she take me to the doctor as she believed that I would need stitches - and because she wanted to see them being put it - very thoughtful of her huh? So Leah drove to the after hours clinic where the Dr. confrimed her diagnosis. He asked her to check my blood pressure (and then he checked it After he irrigated the wound he was suprised himself to see how deep it really was. Then came the local anaesthetic.... did that ever sting!!!!!! He then proceeded to put in 2 stitches. Leah gave me all the gory details about blood pouring out and the needle getting stuck - after we left thankfully. As the local started to wear off my hand started to ache.... So glad I got all that benching in first!!! LOL

Have a couple of appointments after work and then later tonight off to a BBQ. Shaz suggested I bring my new squat suit - we might have a go at getting it on and I'll take my camera to capture the event.!! hahaha. Will have to make sure I take it easy tonight - have got a big day ahead tomorrow. >>>>>>> Squats @ 95kg.

Oh One last thing...

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Catch you all after the weekend.

Love Vicki xxx

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Rimmer said...

Nice photos of your trainer Shazza! Great to hear your training is coming along so well - despite the hand. Man that gym looks organised!
Congrats on being profiled on two more sites!