Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Caught up with Shaz Friday night for a BBQ. Quiet night relaxing with friends buthte week was taking its toll on me and so dragged a very tired me off to bed about 1 am.

Got the lawn mover back - yay!! Now al I need is some decent weather here and time....

The bandage came off the my hand and so I too the opportunity to see how it was healing and take a photo!! Back to the doctor tomorrow night to have the stitches taken out. Was supposed to deadlift tonight - but I think I'll re-schedule this weekso that I can give it a bit more time to heal - last thing I want is for the wound to re-open. Still managed to squat on Saturday and belted out 4 sets of 4 at 95kg and then was spotted for a 1 rep at 110kg. Felt good but pretty damn sore still during the warmup sets. Back at the physio today - had to see someone different as my physio has gone overseas for a holiday. The new physio, Gordon MacDonald, (I think he works with the North Melbourne AFL Football team) believes its taking too long to heal. So I have an appointment on Wednesday with Dr. Peter Larkins - another prominent AFL football doctor (and media personality) to see about having cortisone under an ultrasound. I'll let you kow how it goes and what he advises.

Love Vicki

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Rimmer said...

Good luck with the physio Vicki! Sounds like you are seeing the top people. :)