Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back to bench....

Stitches are finally out, as of Tuesday night, and today went back for some benching. Play around with light weights and modifying the technique. Finally the penny has dropped and I can feel the right movement. Its shorter and more tricep involved. Loaded the bar up to 70kg and did 2 single reps for 2 sets - that is resting the bar on my chest before pressing in each rep - this is quite different to repping out and is a lot harder as no momentum can be used to get the bar of your chest.

Massive boost to my confidence and ego too..... Shaz called me after we finshed training to tell me that she really believes I have what it takes to be a big bencher! That I'll go a long way. Shaz said she could see by the way I picked up the change in technique that it just gave me so much more power! I was already feeling ten feet wide after the bench!

Stepping back a little... Went to see Peter Larkins about my dogdy squat problem and we agreed that a shot of cortisone to try and get this cleared up for the comp in four weeks. Came away with a bit of bruise (sorry - no pics! LOL) and cannot squat until Saturday. Hopefully I'll get a session in with Shaz and try out the squat suit - which should also add to the protection of that injury. So dropping off the naprosyn for now.

Busy few days and nights ahead of flying up to Sydney on Sunday.
Will get into the gym tonight and train biceps and shoulders and get some cardio in. Did I mention that I went for a jog the other day... first time out for a couple of months... owww where did my fitness go? Deadlifts tomorrow night - really eager to pull up 130kg. Friday night back to basketball with my daughter and then off to the movies later to see the new Pirates movie.... Have to be up early for adult riding club on saturday morning - horse riding that is, hopefully squats with Shaz later in the day. Saturday night will see a lovely visit from my best friend Jo. Jo's a beautian and I'm fortunate that she does house calls - so an enjoyable gossip night, lots of coffee and timtams interleaved with the ripping off of wax! Ouch! Ah something to look forward to! Winter woolies Gymkana at the Pony club on Sunday morning. Wont Mojo be happy - two days riding in a row!! I'm sheduled to be the 'penciler' in one of the rings - that is a helper for the judge. Finally off to the airport in luxury at 5pm... Yes we get a limo service to take us to airport when its business travel! Lucky huh??

Gotta go now...

Love 'n' kisses

Vicki xxx

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Rimmer said...

Congratulations on the benching breakthrough! What a good time for it to happen, with the comp coming up!
Your hand is sorted and your squat problem is under control - things are looking good!
You're looking good too, in that shiny 2-piece! ;)