Friday, July 14, 2006

Hitting it from all angles

Off to the Chiro this afternoon - throwing everything at getting this hip/glute problem resolved for the comp. The cortisone has not helped.

Earlier in the week, last weekend in fact, after going riding at the Adult riding club in the morning (for the first time in what seems like months....) I trained with Shaz at Fitness First in Richmond and did my squat session while Shaz and Charmaine did deadlifts.

After a lot of (painful) warmups I got under the bar at 100kg - which is better than I have done in competition. Then Shaz wanted to see how far she could push me. Loaded the bar to 120kg. Felt good on my back - could hold the weight steady. Dropped down into the squat and it was so painful, I could not rise back up. Charmaine was unable to get me back up so the next best thing was to drop the bar on to the rails - but since the rails were so low this had the effect of 'wedging' me under the bar. With my belt so firm around my waist I was unable to bend to get out from under the bar and unable to breath either. Slowly I got my feet out from under me and collapsed on the floor, released the belt and laughed. Charmaine released the knee wraps as they were also cutting of circulation to my legs and I just laid there under the bar..... Of course not to let it get the better of me, once I recovered we put the bar back up and loaded to 110kg and I pushed out 2 reps! And then called it a day. Was I ever sore the next day!

Back to the present and now back from Sydney.... Brought home some yummy Krispy Kreme Donuts for a final feast before starting a short diet to get my weight down to under 67.5 before the comp. Weighed in at 70.6kg on yesterday morning. No chocolate for 3 weeks is going to be very hard!! I'm gonna be cranky!! LOL But we'll keep track of my progress here - for the most part the diet is just going to be a matter of eating cleanly - not really reducing my intake - this will allow me to keep my muscle size and strength while reducing a bit of body fat. 3 weeks should be plenty of time to drop 3 - 4 kgs. Of course increasing my cardio will also play a big part. Out yesterday for a walk around the tan - where I used to be able to run (jog) I am starting back with just walking for now - I already felt my shins swelling (its been a couple of months since I have jogged regularly) but I will progress to a little jogging on alternate days and using the stepper at the gym.

Last night, trained at my local gym. Benched well - very happy. Lots of warmup sets and very strict form. Then I asked Max, one of the guys that I have come to know at the gym, to spot me when I went heavy. Pressed 75kg for 3 reps and 3 sets with good form and holding the weight on my chest before pressing. When going heavy I put on the wrist wraps and my belt and then with a little help from Max on the last reps I was able to complete my benching for the night.

Right, time to head off to the Chiro, lets see what they have to say and I'll post a little update when I return.

Love Vicki



Rimmer said...

I'm sorry your hip injury is still a problem - hopefully there will be some good news on that soon. Despite that your lifts are getting better and better - keep it up!

Chris said...

Hi Vicki,

Wow good job on the training! You really are a natural--It must have been scary having 120kg's in a bad position- I bet next time you will adjust the rails to help you next time:-) I guess you lift so much you need two people to spot you on squats. Try a hot spa to help heal your hip\glute. A good oil massage might help too! Looking really good! keep it up! you look Amaaaazing!

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