Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Two weeks of training left....

Has just dawned on me how close the comp is..... and somehow I've managed to mess up my training schedule and I'm ahead in my training. This week I should be doing 3 sets of 3 reps but my training log - the one I carry in the gym has me doing 2 sets of 2.... I guess I'll do an extra week of 3x3's for now..

Benched last night - yes I know I've skipped a squat workout. Well, delayed it really, just until after I see the Chiro again today. Got some orthotics for my shoes fromt he podiastrist yesterday. She confrimed that I have some problems with my feet - sheesh, I'm just falling apart here.... LOL Weak unstable ankles, which she agreed with the Chiro that this could be contributing to the hip strain, arthritis in my right big toe - which when I walk I am not using my big toe correctly to push off for the stride, some other degenrative thing underneath the right foot - too much movement there supposedly. Left foot also has some problems because the big toe is splayed from the next toe..... Sometimes I think you're better off no knowing! LOL Oh well getting all these thing addressed now is a good thing - because later on down the track when I'm really lifting heavy - the health of my feet will matter a lot!!

Right now what was I saying...oh yeah, benched last night. Got in a few light sets getting warmed up and working on technique before going heavy. Something wasnt quite right with my left shoulder and I could feel a strain in the left rear delt. Not the kind of pain you feel just from training hard, a different pain... so I knew to be very careful - can't afford any more injuries. still after all the warmup sets manged to press 75kg for 3 reps with a spotter. Funnily enough my first rep was really bad (that shoulder strain and I just wasnt locked in correctly) but the next two were fine. 3 sets later and I could feel everything starting to tighten up. Right across the traps and into the delts.

Went ahead and did my rear delt work after benching, just didnt feel right tho'. Since I havent done any dumbell presses for a while thought I give it a few sets, but not too heavy given that I am training at max poundage at the moment for the power lifting, pushed out 3 sets with the dumbells: 45lb 12 reps 50lb 8 reps then 55lb 8 reps. Quite easy! The on to some tricep work - 3 sets of dips, 3 sets of close grip bench and finshed off with 3 sets of light kickbbacks (12.5lb)

Feeling pretty sore when I left the gym. After I got home, downed a couple of anti-iniflammatories and I'll keep taking them for the next few days - just to circumvent any problems. Will have to book myself in for a upper back massage one night.

Picked up a disk of pics taken by a friend over the past few months - some I forgotten we had taken. So all this pics in todays post are from this 'collecttion' . Some more of these will end on on AMG-lite and some will go to Titania's site musclefemme.com (see the links over on the right).


Vicki xxx


Chris said...

Sounds like you are in the home stretch before your competition---good luck sounds like you are in great shape--that is some really heavy weight you push around!!
Don't let the little injuries worry you--you are not falling apart--sounds like you manage the little injuries well. You probably need more massage therapy :-)
wow sounds like a great shoulder session --55's!! That is way impressive....you dont see many people that can do that! Guys or girls!

Take care and get the rest you need
There are a lot of us out there cheering for Team Vicki!!!

Sekhmet said...

Hey Vicki,

I just found your blog through cool running and have to say you look incredible - pity those 2 "gentlemen" don't realise how much hard work you have to put in to acheive a body like that!!!

Good luck with finding like-minded individuals ;-)


Rimmer said...

Glad you're lifting so well and looking after yourself. You are certainly looking good in those photos. Keep it up!

psonica said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.