Friday, July 21, 2006

The Incredible INZER Squat Suit

Finally I have put my INZER squat suit thru its paces.
What an amazing tool for squatting!!
What an amazing drama to get it on!!

Started warmup raw (no accessories) and happy to report that the Chiro seems to be paying off. While not completely healed or pain free, there is a significant reduction in the pain. The warmup sets are when I usually have the most pain and this time I would say it was reduced by 60%. Started to give me a little trouble after the 3rd or 4th warmup set but still nothing like in the past, I'd say back up to only 40% reduction. Certainly heading in the right direction though will have a good report for the Chiro tomorrow when I have my next appointment. So I must give credit to Mr. Andrea Bisaz of the Melbourne Sports Clinic! In answer to the question about the electro accupuncture,... No it doesnt hurt - no more than regular accupuncture and that doesnt hurt at all.

Getting into the suit is a feat of it very own. Into the change room to get the suit up as far as I could on my own - which, by the way, was not very far past my knees.
Shaz came into give me a hand and we almost had my fat ass into it with the crotch still at my knees. Shaz decided to enlist some help and a rather large guy came and started tugging at the suit, lifting me clear off the ground and shaking me into the suit. "Hi, Pleased to meet you" he laughed while still trying to get my butt into the suit. After getting myself at least ‘decent’ we went back out into the gym and over to the smith machine where Shaz proceeded to hook the shoulder of my suit onto the bar. "Ok, drop into it" she says. Well I swear I could hang there all day and not get any further into the suit! Over comes big Steve Brown and once again I'm being shaken and prodded into the suit, using the bar on the smith machine at the same time as Steve is pulling the suit up. When the suit is finally up far enough to get my arms in, its time to lunge from side to side to ease the leg further up and get the crotch higher. At long last the suit is on. "Perfect fit” says Steve. And to think this is actually 2 sizes larger than the recommended size on the Inzer website!!

Over to do some more squatting but first have to put on the knee wraps - ease myself onto the bench. I simply cannot bend. Knees wrapped, belt on... time to squat. 95kg on the bar. First attempt, to too deep, the suit is cutting into my shoulders. "Stick your butt OUT" instructs Shaz. OK down for the 2nd rep much deeper, hear this almighty ripping sound - oh God, is that me or the suit - LOL. The suit is pulling me off balance and as I come up from the squat almost 2/3 's the way up and I lose control and the bar comes crashing down onto the safety rails. WOW. Shaz points out how hard I am going to have to work inside the suit to keep control - like I hadn’t suddenly realized
myself just how hard this was! Wraps off / wraps on, belt on and another attempt. Much better, now that I know what to expect. These couple of reps have moved the suit up a little more and is a little more comfortable - if that's possible - oh and the ripping sound - just the suit giving a little - no damage to it or to me!! Another dawning realization. NO PAIN! The suit, the wraps, the belt all together = no pain in the hip! MAGIC!! Load the bar up a bit more - wraps on, belt on. 3 reps at 115kg and a personal best!! What's more - it was easy! Hang in there for another set of 3. Only the last rep was not deep enough and again a slight loss of balance saw me step forward - which would have been a 'no lift' in a comp. Still an awesome achievement for me. Left off there - on a good note!

A couple more questions from the comments section I'd like to answer here: First - about how I lose the weight for a contest. What I am doing right now is just eating very cleanly - no treats, chocolate etc and watching the amount of carbs I am having. I still need to have carbs to train with intensity but I am a little more careful about which carbs I will have stick mainly to rice, a little pasta and of course my porrige in the morning. Frequent meals of chicken or steak with vegetables such as brocolli, cauliflower, a litttle carrot and green beans during the day. Of course cardio is on the increase, walking and stepper - I may need to increase this oveer the next two weeks as this week I've only lost 800grams and need to lose a further 2.5 kgs. Of Course prior to the weigh in I will dehydrate and reduce carbs further in the final week to make sure I make the weight class as light as possible and then have 24hrs to re-hydrate and build up energy levels again..

My favorite excercises for back and legs - well after using that squat suit I'd have to say squats!!! Seriously I like heavy leg press too. For back you cant beat deadlifts and another favorite is T-bar rowing. Love to feel the contraction in my back.

Well the contest is only a couple of weeks away now. Its being held at the Mecure Hotel in Brisbane. I'll be up there on Friday the 4th of August for the weigh in and the contest starts at 10am on Saturday the 5th.

Vicki xxx


Rimmer said...

Great news on the suit and the absence of pain when you squat Vicki! Congrats on your new PB too!
Have you made it out of the suit yet? lol.
That's a lovely pic of you in that yellow top. :)

blogaccount54 said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.