Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bench Shirt.....

Well, finally got around to ordering my new bench shirt.

Should have this one sized correctly as I went out to try on some shirts that belong to Ange Galati. Ange is a World Champion Bench presser and powerlifter. He has also held state and National titles for Body building. Absolutlely gorgeous body I must say!!

o he was kind enough to let me try on his shirts - well I needed a lot of help to get them on - even tho they were a bit big for me - well Ange is quite a bit bigger than me! - very wide thick back! Great arms... legs.... (stop drooling....) Any way, all I can say is it doesnt pay to be a prude in this sport!! These shirts are damn hard to get on so a lot of pushing, pulling and shoving and then of course the ehem... adjustment of the 'assets'. These shirts were not designed for ladies!! Of course he was a gentleman.... mostly.... Ange also gave me a demo of how the shirts work - so roles reversed and I had to get the shirt on him... LOL - even more fun was taking it off.... never had so much trouble getting a guy's shirt off before. LOL. mmm but what a bod!

So what else did I get up to today? Benched earlier in the afternoon. Still struggling with 130kg. Not sure what the problem is... after pulling up 120 so easy the other week its rather frustrating to only get one rep at 130kg. Dropped back to 112.5 and did 3 sets of 3 and finished up with rack pulls at 130. Will have to discuss strategy on this one with Shaz later in the week. Poor darling has been sick all this week.

My visit to the Chiro was very interesting. His diagnosis of the problem is that it lies with my right ankle - which I tend to roll quite regulary and so I dont have great flexability and this is leading to my right side having to compensate and putting pressure on muscles such as illio-psoas
that should not have to be involved to such an extent. He performed quite a few strength tests and with slight adjustments to positioning I was able to see and feel quite a difference in strength. So he will work on my leg and ankle to try and correct this.

Well its getting late and I need coffee..... Gonna go and watch some tv and relax for a while....

Bye for now
Vicki xxx

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Chris said...

Don't worry I bet you'll get to 130 soon...good luck w/ the glute pain may want to hold off jogging. Interesting how small injuries can impact eachother.