Monday, June 19, 2006

Ahhh Another weekend over

Friday night basketball – what a game. Madi’s team took down the opposition 78 to 19 – what a thumping!! Then a quiet night in watching a dvd….

Saturday was a different pace all together. Madness sat morning with the rush to get the shopping out the way and a bit of housework – hmmm someone want to sponsor a housekeeper for me? LOL. Afternoon out at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary and some nice pics by the water…

Spent my evening in good company, celebrating a friends 30th birthday, few drinks and good food, but yet another late night - this seems to be becoming a habit lately! Will have to pull that it in soon getting closer to the comp I’m going to need all the rest I can get – training will just be getting more and more intense!

Hmmm now what did I do yesterday…. Short term memory loss…LOL ok yeah that was my day in the backyard… So let me just preface this by saying that I live on an acre block that only a mountain goat could love – yes it really is that steep that some of my friends cars don’t make up the driveway – get the picture!

So you’ll understand that cutting the grass is no mean feat – especially as its too steep for a ride on mower. So I have the next best thing - a self-propelled mower and off I go. Get to the bottom of the driveway to do the nature strip and the mower is shaking all over the place… check underneath and ouch – broken blade. Well, you know I can lift heavy things, but replace mower blades… hmm better leave that to the experts. Oh well its due for a service anyway. Still determined to cut the grass I get the trusty lawn edger out – now there’s a power garden tool - rev that up!! Off to tackle the knee high grass up the back of the block – I’m so glad no one could see me – absolutely covered in grass, revving the motor, looking like some mad hulk from the jungle – ha ha ha! – No, no pictures!! Don’t ask! Felt so good to get in the shower after – grass in places that grass should never be! -Errr no pictures of that either

Up at 2 am this morning to cheer on the Aussie soccerroos, but fell asleep at half time and when I woke they were down 2 nil…. Off to bed.

7 weeks to go. Training tonight Deadlifts - having to shuffle things around a bit – need to bench again with Shaz on Wednesday and leaving squats for as long as possible - Friday will be the test of all this physio! Will have my deadlift report on here tomorrow!

Catching up with my gal pal Titania tomorrow- and will upload some pics of us together. Titania will also feature me on her website and I’ll be a regular visitor there in there forums and galleries.

Big night on the box….
Desperate Housewives
, the return of Greys Anatomy
followed by Boston Legal
(just love William Shatner and James Spader in the show).

Catch you all tomorrow


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Rimmer said...

Thanks for letting us know about your weekend and your slightly disfunctional gardening. lol.
That's a great pick of you torturing the arms of that sweater too. Wow!