Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Travel Travel Travel....

Sent off my entry from to CAPO (Council of Australian Powerlifting Organizations) Have booked my flights and accomodation for the August meet. Head up early on Friday Morning, August 4th. The weigh in starts at 10am and then I'll have the rest of the day to eat 'n' play around Brisbane. Staying at the Mecure, which is where the comp is being held - very convenient! Lifting is scheduled to start at 10am Saturday morning. Getting excited, its getting close now.

6 weeks to go (5 training weeks)
Deadlifts on Monday once again were a breeze . 4 sets of 4 at 120kg - coming up easy. Grip is starting to be a problem - but only for reps.... Partials at 140kg are getting harder - I guess because the full deadlifts are getting heavier so my stamina is starting to wane. Still managed a few reps and sets and set the bar back to 130kg for an extra few partials.

More travel (Sydney).... Heading up to Sydney on the 9th of July for business - training course, have booked flights and accomodation (Sydney Harbour Marriot) very close to where I need to be for the course. Very nice hotel - have stayed there before and its close to the Opera house and Harbour bridge. Some nice restaurants not far from there if I remember right. Back home again in the evening of the 12th. So this shouldnt interfere with my training too much. If anyone can suggest a good gym that is near by to the Marriot please drop me line! Thanks.

Benching tonight... Will be interesting. Had a little errrr 'accident' and cut open my hand. Ok it doesnt look like much but its deep and keeps opening and bleeding. Didnt hurt tho I was shaking afterwards. All I could think was 'I have to bench tonight' LOL. Priorities!! BTW... got my quat suit from INZER and managed to get it on - well it took more than 20 minutes and I didnt quite get the crotch all the way up - prabably could have with a helper or two - and I broke into one hell of a sweat doing it, but it was on!! Damn hard (and painful) to squat in - Good!! So now I know it fits and I dont have to send it back, I'll get into it again this weekend with a bit of helpfrom some powder and see if I can get it up a bit higher. I'll take some pics this time!

Catch you all soon.

Love Vicki xxxx

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