Friday, June 09, 2006

Gluteus sore-us

Hi Guys

Well the physio has determined that I have strain my gluteus medius. This particular little muscle in
the side of the hip is responsible for hip adbuction ie rotating the hip in and out. So it makes sense since this is under a lot of pressue when I'm sqautting as it has to keep my knees out from the hip and not allow them to roll in. The remedy... well massage was first on the list, so she got stuck into it hard with her elbow - owwwwch. But you know what - as much as it hurt it felt good too! Its very tight was she remarked... we'll its not the first time I've been called a tight arse... LOL.

Next on the list to get this healed are some stretching movements targeting the gluteus and and then once its healing I'll need to get into some strengthening exercises like side leg raises. Feel much better now that I have a plan and it doesnt involve not training!!

Also had myself booked in for a remedial massage for an hour late last night - ohhh I love nothing more than a massage - ok so remedial is a bit painful but it s feels ohhh so good after. Back, shoulders, lower back, glutes and then over for a bit of chest and delt work too. I could lay there forever while someone massages my back.... mmmm almost in dreamland just thinking about it.

OK - back to reality. back in the gym tonight - deadlifts are on the menu 7 set of 7 reps after a good couple of warmup sets. Will be putting the new belt to the test again tonight - and getting myself a few new bruises I imagine - but hey - I'm tought enough! LOL

Long weeekend coming, Madi's got a basketball tournament, so I'll be playing taxi driver and catching up with some friends again. Possibly partying Sunday night at 'The Room' Another friend of Shaz's having a birthday so watch out for some more party pics. Here are a couple more from last weekend....

OK and just to prove that, yes, I really did compete - Here's on from the last comp I did back in mmmmm 2002?

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Rimmer said...

That's great news the injury won't prevent you training and the massage is helping you recover (as well as feel good!)

Love those shoulders and bi's in the contest shot!