Thursday, July 08, 2010

July 8, 2010

What the hell?   Is it really only 2 weeks to Nationals? Surely not!

Still not touching, even shirted, but have managed a 90kg press from a one-board, so my token bench at Nationals wont be a total disgrace (so I keep telling myself).

I need to see where my squat is, perhaps next week.  A couple of weeks back I managed a single 160kg box squat with straps down and no knee wraps.  So I'm feeling good for a 165.

Have no idea about my deadlift :-(  The Titan Velocity  that I urgently got hold of for Masters Nationals is 'too big' although it was meant to be a size smaller than my squat suit....  no way! I'm gonna have to do some adjustment to the legs to keep it in place cos once it moves up, I have no pop out of it at all.  Maybe I should have gone the Metal King Sumo after all.  If I had the money I'd be ordering one for Worlds and maybe then I'd  have half a chance at pulling the World Record. I'll be close but I don't think the Velocity is gonna give me the edge.   

Shame I didnt 'qualify' for one of the three custom deadlift suits that Minh, our local TITAN dealer, had to give away as a promo from TITAN USA         Mega :-(


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