Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19 2011

OMG!  The last week has been insane!  Insane BAD!

Mojo got his foot caught in the fence up at the paddock and as he thrashed around trying to get free he wrapped his two back legs in the fence.  Luckily a passer-by saw him and called the RSCPA who in turn called a vet to free him and move him into a holding paddock. Unfortunately not a horse vet so then we needed to call our own vet to perform some emergency surgery on his legs. In the miserable rain and muddy paddock he had to be completely sedated and off course fell to the wrong side then had to be rolled over - no easy task with him being 500+kg  and dangerous to say the least.  Stitched up and bandaged Madi and I kept up hourly vigils thru the night with the risk of colic and the massive blood loss - around 5 litres.   Luckily no tendon damage just very deep lascerations and arterial damage (hence the massive blood loss).

Next day (Wednesday) we moved him up to another cleaner menage for recouperation and the vet returned to sedate and check the wounds, then re-bandage again.  Penicillan shots twice daily and some BZT's (anti-inflammatories) in his feed as well.

Vet was back out again Monday to sedate him again to change the bandages and check how well he is healing, thankfully the wounds are clean and now he's on powdered antibiotics - yay - I hated giving those injections....

I'll try to post some pics if I can figure how to get them off my phone...

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