Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28, 2011

Sigh....  waiting, waiting, waiting.....

Down to 63.something kgs and water loading...

Since my last update, Mojo's wounds took a turn for the worse, the constant rain here and no shelter meant that his bandages could not be kept dry, they were clean (no mud) but very wet and this just made the wounds weepy...  So I decided it would be best for him to go to hospital where he could be stabled for the next 3 weeks (at $70 a day + vet fees....)   Although expensive, he will heal faster, vet estimates about 12 weeks if left out in the paddock and well this puts my mind to rest about what to do with him while we're in Thailand for Deb's wedding next week...

Tomorrow have the day off work and will head up to Yarrambat Vet Hospital to visit him. It was decided the other day that his front leg was continuing to reopen every time he moved his leg, so a cast has been put on to immobilize it - poor baby.  Will post up some pics tomorrow after my visit.

Busy few days ahead,  tonight I need to study for my Referees exam which is tomorrow afternoon, then  head off to the competitors meeting.  Saturday weight in is at 8 am and lifting commences at 10  (for me)  Another session at 2pm and I'll be doing my ref's prac test. Sunday Ref's test again at the bench only at 10am and the big event - the Invitational with Brad Gillingham and Tony Harris at 2pm....  Presentation dinner at 7pm  (I wont be staying long...)  Then finally on Monday morning fly out to Phuket, Thailand for a weeks rest and relaxation.

Live streaming at Nationals

Powerlifting Australia will stream the Australian Powerlifting Championships on Saturday and Sunday July 30-31!! Click this link to follow the action and interact in real time with the broadcaster via chat functionality:

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