Friday, June 03, 2011

June 3, 2011 (more)

From what I hear around the traps it seems like ASADA are doing the rounds of the powerliftering clubs.  Its that time of the year when they need to expend all their budgeted allowance for the financial year, so the fringe sports get tested....

I got swept up two weeks ago, but that was part of their fairly regular testing of the weightlifters, although it was usual for them to turn up at Phoenix on a Saturday afternoon, so I think I'm pretty safe now at least until Nationals.

Anyhoo, enough gossip.  Rehab and off to bed.  Been at ESP 6.15am every morning this week  and Saturdays are no exception.  Sooo looking forward to Sunday morning sleep in before doing it all again next week.  Character building Martyn says....   Character is not what I'm thinking when the alarm goes of at 4.55am.

Sleep, glorious sleep.....

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